Reaching for the Moon and Stars

I never thought I would find inspiration in a mundane household necessity, but my LG Signature Washing Machine is certainly an exception. Designed to resemble the moon, it reminded me of our global fascination with the glories of the night sky. Its inherent mysticism has translated down the ages into celestial motifs being incorporated in tangible forms in our daily lives.  While design trends ebb and vane with the seasons, our fascination with space is currently back with a vengeance as the primary source of inspiration.  Blending earthy items with heavenly themes, star, moon and sun motifs are centre stage – sparkling brightly on designer gowns to upholstery fabrics, lighting and wallpaper.

It’s well known that as designers we are often inspired by the world that surrounds us; the lush greenery of trees and the colourful perfection of a single flower. These tangible things are there for the taking and easily accessible, but when we look beyond the every day and the familiar and lift our eyes to the sky, we realise we are gazing at the unknown and the intangible – a mysterious universe that exerts an enduring magnetism for us mere mortals.

As a result, the magic of the universe imbues the bedrooms of children and adults alike with its twinkling galaxy-themed bed linen and night lights.  Celestially themed wallpapers and decals transport you to a heavenly world far away, peppered with limitless twinkling stars, such as this recent wallpaper designed by Matthew Williamson.

In August this year, the world watched the footage of the awesome total eclipse of the sun, visible only in the USA and of course, fans of “Star Wars” are anticipating the December release of the forthcoming film “The Last Jedi”.

We all know the sky is the limit, but it clearly is a source of inspiration when it comes to interior design. Lunar style offers plenty of options with chandeliers that play tribute to the celestial theme, from pendants resembling space travel to light fittings shaped like Mother Earth and glass or metallic orbs suspended in dreamy clusters.

Dish up a heavenly treat with serving dishes and specially themed table linen……go a step further and serve this moonlight themed wine especially created for all the celestial events in 2017 or even a mooncake.

If enveloping your home in a heavenly theme is not for you, you can still opt for a dash of celestial magic in the form of cushions, throws, door hardware and artworks from the vast array of specially designed accessories at very affordable prices.$a15-pdp-detail-shot$&hei=900&fit=constrain

You can look up at the heavens, yet have the celestial world at your feet if you invest in this awesome rug!

There’s a huge palette you can choose from to make your home more heavenly yet simultaneously bright and serene.  But whether you go for simple accents or a total change, it will have you looking at the sky in a whole new way.

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