Crazy for Coral

Pantone has declared Living Coral the official colour for 2019 and I can’t think of a more perfect choice to lift our spirits in the year ahead.  Over the past couple of years, I have increasingly found myself turning to this happy hue to elevate our room schemes and bring a cheerful energy to our projects.

Coral has the warmth of red, the carefree sense of orange and the romance of pink. Melon, salmon, flamingo, peach, apricot, I love them all. They bring both freshness and warmth at the same time. Very often, red is too harsh, pink too feminine, orange too playful but coral is a perfect blend: it has become my goldilocks colour: not too hot, not too cold: it is just right. Just the tiniest hint is enough to bring a happy energy to the most neutral space.

In the same home, we covered a large armchair in coral. What a perfect spot to curl up with a morning cuppa and a good book: you can just feel the cosiness.

But, don’t be misled in thinking that we use this colour simply to add pops. So versatile, coral can be used anywhere and everywhere and throughout the home.

Here we have used coral on curtains to add life to a bright white space.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Try enveloping the whole room with this cheerful colour. Can’t you just feel the joy?

Think outside the box! We have even used Coral on the ceiling. It brings a wonderfully, unexpected cheerful glow to this penthouse in Kallang.

And in this bedroom below, we have combined coral in different tones, a soft apricot sorbet on the walls and varying tones in the rug. I love the combination of coral and yellow. It is just so happy. What a fabulous room to awake in every day!

So for 2019, I am looking forward to seeing more of this jolly colour. In fact, I am planning a coral coloured kitchen… Now wouldn’t that be fun?

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