Home-schooling is a whole new ball game!

If like me, you find yourself Working from Home due to COVID-19 and home schooling at the same time then let’s just say this requires a new found balance and patience! To say that home life can become chaotic and stressful would be a supreme understatement, and one that we can definitely relate to!

Starting the week off questioning the merit of continuing these schooling practices with my 2 years old and soon to be 5 years old, I sat down at the kitchen table with an iPad and MS Teams to dig deeper into the content and I was pleasantly blown away; it was incredible! So superb in fact I figured, I too would benefit from this learning at the same time!

So there, in lies the inspiration for this BLOG: Work Space for Kids

Design Intervention-Girl’s Bedroom Design

Most people work better given a great place to get organised, enjoy good lighting and have their supplies close at hand, so why should children react any differently?  No doubt many of us are anxious about home schooling our children as it may be a journey into the unknown but we can get them started on the right foot with a welcoming place to hit the books.

While not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home office, it is still possible to create an attractive and organised study zone. Check out these two images below. Bedroom set ups!

Design Intervention-Kids’ Room Ideas

If you have the space, you might consider a dedicated homework station – as furnishing your child with necessary supplies will minimise distractions and foster a quiet space to study.

Design Intervention-Study Corner Design

If you have to accommodate more than one child, you could set up co-shared workstations against a wall.

Design Intervention-Boys’ Bedroom Design
Design Intervention-Girls’ Bedroom Design

However, for space constraints and budget  🤑 this below is one of my favourites.


Or, you can temporarily convert your kitchen into a homework zone.

Design Intervention Kitchen Design

This simple space-saving desk design, created by Amy Baesler of Remodalholic, is perfect for anyone hoping to make use of a small space, such as a hallway or landing zone.

Being able to locate a dedicated workspace in a central area in the home during the coming weeks can help reduce any feelings of isolation your child might be experiencing as you come to terms with establishing a routine and devise a workable time table that fits your home life.

So, while home schooling may become a fact of life for the foreseeable future, the resulting daily chaos can be avoided. Check out the following article for more news about home-based learning in Singapore: Online classes

This unlooked-for time together can be viewed as a special way to connect with our children, and instead of being a chore, this collaboration could provide a beneficial learning experience for families. After all, when was the last time we all stopped and were able to spend weeks with just our loved ones, safely cocooned in our homes?

Hang in there – #We are all in this together
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