Design Oscars 2020

Its Oscars season- the Design “Oscars” anyway and we couldn’t be any more delighted to be amongst the 2020 list of nominees:

Each year, the designs of the 100 nominees are showcased in a compendium – the Interior Design Review which has been described by the Times (UK) Newspaper as “the Bible of the design world” marking out the world’s 100 greatest interior designers of the year.

It is such a thrill to be the sole Singapore design firm

included this year!

Bangkok based, Bill Bensley- creator of some of Asia’s most lavish resorts – is the only other South Asian designer selected. We are huge fans of his work and we are honoured to have our work showcased alongside his.

We have spent the weekend leafing through over 500 pages of the most delicious design inspiration. The book features the work of designers from every corner of the globe. And that is exactly what makes the book so compelling-it’s sheer variety. The pages contain the very best examples of classic, eccentric, decadent, minimalist or futuristic. It is very simply a compilation of the best of every design genre highlighting the current trends in international design. Within the hardback cover are over 1000 beautiful photographs. What other inspiration could a design-lover need?

This year, perhaps more than any other – it is teaming with colour, pattern and texture. Few more so than the works of Kit Kemp. Kemp has long been a hero of ours and this year’s Interior Design review showcases her most recent projects, revealing her uncanny ability to combine, bright cheerful colours and exotic patterns while retaining a sense of ease. Renowned British designers Kelly Hoppen and Kathryn Pooley, featured classically calmer and more soothing designs. While Australia’s boy wonder, Greg Natale showcased some daring colour combinations. Celebrity LA based Kathryn Ireland, displayed her signature reinvented English Country House style, which appears so unplanned – but therein lies her genius.

One of our favourites this year, has to be the work of New York based Young Huh- she may not be as internationally renowned as some of the other names on the list but I am sure she will be soon. Her work reveals a daring and masterful mix of pattern and colour and originality -which is absolutely awesome…. Serious Kudos.

As we have seen in the past few years, the most cutting-edge design are coming out of China and this year’s edition showcases no less than X in all their futuristic, breathtaking glory.

Every year, the Andrew Martin assemble a celebrity judging panel and task them with an overall winner. This year, they chose Ben Wu from China as the 2020 Designer of the Year. This is the first time a Chinese designer has won the prestigious award and highlights the remarkable resurgence of Chinese design.

It is the 7th time that Design Intervention has been featured in the Interior Design Review and we are simply thrilled to have made the cut again. The Interior Design review is undoubtedly our favourite design publication. Year after year, we find it a rich source of inspiration and it is a joy to flip through the pages. So it is an absolute delight to be included alongside some of the biggest names in the Industry.

A huge thank you to the team at Andrew Martin for selecting us!

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