Celebrating Light

This weekend Diwali will be celebrated all over the world, a festival celebrating light over darkness and radiating a positive energy for all for the coming year.

We associate light as a force for good because it stimulates growth and it impacts hugely on our health and wellbeing as it is also a symbol of hope. 

By the same token, the correct application of light is undoubtedly the most powerful tool in the interior designer’s repertoire as it ensures the delivery of spaces shown to their best advantage and meeting the needs of its occupants. Without light what would be the point of an interior if you are unable to see it….?

Lighting can make us feel happy or sad; it can make a space seem inviting or cold, so controlling its effect is critical within our homes.  Sparkling, flooded with light, nuanced with intriguing shadows or dramatically accented – every home should be well lit, yet the lighting should create an atmosphere that’s not just utilitarian but filled with elements of poetry, drama or romance!

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Every room, regardless of its purpose should have two kinds of light: general, ambient light providing overall illumination and task or accent light that is focused on specific areas or objects. How these types of lights are distributed in a room depends on the way the space is used.

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Accent Lights strategically placed in the wine fridge make these spaces sing and dance!

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Natural light can usually supply some of both types during the day and there is nothing better than a room flooded with natural light! 

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However, as often happens, hallways and bathrooms can be windowless, requiring artificial lighting to illuminate these spaces in the form of task lights at mirrors or accent lights to wash or add drama to sections of a wall, floor or ceiling. 

Artwork and bookshelves are perfect examples of specific items which we might overlook but which benefit from being highlighted by accent lighting.

Once you have an idea of your lighting requirements, the fun part begins and it’s time to go shopping!  Lighting fixtures are like jewellery as they add a finishing touch to your décor – do you opt for something restrained and elegant or opulent and sparkly?  Traditional or ultra modern? 

A starry sky or a discreet fixture or one that shouts: look at me!  

And following the busyness of the day, the right degree and quality of light in your bedroom is paramount as you prepare for bed and a good night’s sleep.  There are wonderful options to choose from when considering a good reading light by your bed. 

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Lighting plays an important role in all our celebrations, Christmas being one of them and the next big event on our annual calendar.  Soon our streets and buildings will be awash with twinkling Christmas lights and festive decorations and universally loved Christmas carols will accompany our movements through each day.  The visual extravaganza of Christmas would utterly fail without those lights, so don’t delay decorating your place this year, even if it’s just to ensure that those twinkling globes light the way for Santa and his sleigh to deliver that long awaited present under the tree!

But for the here and now, all of us at Design Intervention wish you a Happy Diwali.  May light shine on you always and millions of lamps illuminate your life with good health, wealth, prosperity and joy!




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