Young Designer Award


The students can choose their own design theme and work on the attached floor plan (inclusive of ceiling height information CH in mm). Please take note that the Structural Walls are marked in bold and these cannot be removed.

The home is to be designed for a couple aged 30-35 years with two children, ages 4 and 7, and a grandmother in a wheelchair. Thought should be given to the needs of a multi generational family: storage for books, toys and miscellaneous paraphernalia and the physically impaired family member should be carefully considered.


    1. Description and reasoning of chosen Design Theme of the entry (minimum 400 words)
      Please explain the concept behind your design as well as the reason for your selection of colours, materials and finishes. Please highlight the aesthetic and/or functional reasons behind these choices: to convey a certain mood, bring more light into a space etc.
      Is there a particular innovative aspect of the design that you would like the judges to pay special attention to?
    2. Your description should include sketches/supporting material.
    3. Drawings should be fully rendered to illustrate colour schemes and ambience.
    4. 3D rendering of each area.
    5. Drawings should include details of customized design furniture or furnishings.
    6. Select materials and finishes that reflect and support the selected theme.
    7. Digital mood board of each area in A3 size
    8. Description and sketches or any supporting material.
    9. Any feature/innovation of your work you would like to highlight to the judges.
    10. Completed Application Form.

Submission in A3 PDF format to | 65060920

Deadline: September 8 2019


Nikki and Andrea will assess the entries and determine a shortlist of 10 best entries. A copy of these 10 submissions is then distributed to the judging panel.
The winner is selected by a panel of respected judges. The opinion of each judge is given equal weight. Each judge assesses each individual entry independently and without collaboration based on a points system. The scores for each entrant from all judges are then added together to give a total score from all judges.
The winner is the entry with the highest total score.


  • Design concept 20%
  • Interior/Architectural design 20%
  • Functionality 20%
  • Originality of design concept 15%
  • Visual presentation 10%
  • Use of colour 10%
  • Written brief of selected design 5%

Total 100%

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.