Now in its 10’th year, the Young Designer Award is our endeavour to raise industry standards and encourage design students to explore the sub specialty of residential design.

Our Ultimate Intervention – for many of our local colleges, the taught curriculum focuses on commercial and hospitality design.

At Design Intervention, residential design is our passion. We feel that by crafting people’s homes, their personal spaces, we can have the most impact: we can literally improve lives.

We believe that residential design can be the most rewarding and satisfying career choice for an aspiring designer and the Young Designers Award is our attempt to promote excellence in our industry and share our passion with the designers of tomorrow.

Nikki Hunt (Principal, Design Intervention)


The homeowner has purchased two apartments in the same condo, directly on top of each other. He has received approval from the Condo management tolink the two units by a new internal staircase. Your task is to create an integrated new floor plate with a new internal staircase, seamlessly combining thetwo floors into an expansive family home, that meets the needs of this family.

The Premises:

Each apartment is about 3000 sq ft. The Condo was built in 2001 and is in relatively good condition.

The Homeowners Profile:

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Written statement to explain the reasoning of chosen Design Theme of the entry (minimum 300 words).

Deadline for Submission: December 30, 2024

Submission in A3 PDF format to

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