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The Family

These homeowners, entrepreneurs in their 50’s, wanted a vivacious, invigorating home that celebrated the glorious tropical views that surrounded them. Bold and confident, the couple welcomed a dynamic and arresting aesthetic that would inspire and energize them. The husband, a keen swimmer wanted a large pool, while the wife wanted to enjoy glorious garden views.

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The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a home that was simultaneously energizing and soothing, that inspires, but doesn’t overpower. This couple are avid collectors of art and artefacts, and they wanted their large and disparate collections to be integrated throughout their home. Our challenge was to showcase these collections without cluttering the home, while simultaneously achieving a seamless flow between the open plan spaces.

Our colour and pattern selections, celebrate the best of tropical living while the interior architecture choices complement and soften the formal lines of the building to create a home that is full of personality and individuality. Biophilic and textual elements, have been systematically incorporated throughout the home to reduce stress and recharge energy. These natural elements, soften the bold colour palette and striking pattern choices.


Best Residential Interior Design (Singapore), International Property Awards 2020
Best Use of Colour, Tatler Design Awards 2020

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