About Us

Who We Are

Design Intervention is one of the leading Design Studios operating in the Asia Pacific region today. Helmed by partners Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage, our work has garnered an international reputation for attention to detail, quality and creativity, winning awards and accolades at the national, regional and global levels.

For the past three consecutive years, one of our projects has been named the best residential design project for the Asia Pacific Region at the International Property Awards and for the past four years, our studio has been featured in the Interior Design Review, a list of the top 90 designers from across the globe. Indeed, our work has won a multitude of awards and accolades across the full spectrum of the design field including, retail, leisure, architecture, product and interior design. In 2016, after several years of appearing on shortlists, we won our first global awards- showing that we continue to grow, improve and strive for excellence.

Our Mission

We celebrate the personalities of our clients: crafting homes that reveal their passions and aspirations. We tell their story, not with words but through the visual language of space, colour and form, blending the classic with the contemporary, the old with the new, in unexpected ways but always with a meticulous attention to the minutia. We are daring; we push the boundaries of design to achieve the home of their dreams full of life and personality.

We believe that design is about far more than aesthetics: good design can improve quality of life but great design can affect mood; it can literally transform the way people feel. At Design Intervention, we craft bespoke homes tailored to your every need and designed to elevate your mood and recharge your soul. Our mission is simple, we design homes that make you happy.