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A rug is an invaluable tool an interior designer’s arsenal. There are obvious practical uses: absorbing sound, defining a space, particularly within an open plan interior or adding warmth and coziness to a room. But it is the aesthetic  impact that as designers, we get most excited about.

At Design Intervention, we feel that a rug can often be the key design element in a room. A rug can tie in a décor scheme or add visual punch and pattern to a room while keeping walls clear either  for a contemporary look or for a display of artwork.

In this eclectic dining room, we deliberately kept walls plain to allow the client’s art collection to take centre stage. Our injection of pattern and colour comes from the rug. By adding the pattern on the floor instead of the walls, we adds life without detracting from the impact of the art.

In this black and white dining room, the addition of the rug balances the austerity of the strong linear forms. The warmth of the pattern lifts the scheme, immediately brightening it visually and preventing the room from feeling hard and cold.

By taking the pattern for dining chair upholstery as the starting point of our rug design, we have tied the dining and seating areas together.

The subtle Japanese motif gives this ski chalet in Japan a definite sense of place.

In this dressing room, all walls are used for storage so instead of feature walls we have added interest to the room through the floor as the only uninterrupted surface.*** all photographs are from Design Intervention projects.

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This week, I am excited to share with you snaps of our most recently completed project. This is a far smaller project than ones we have shared with you in the past but certainly no less fun to do.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.44.01 PM

The client had purchased a brand new unit from a local developer and asked us to add a hefty dose of Design Intervention Pzzazz. The developer had finished this terrace home simply and with a neutral palette. Yet, the client had an adventurous spirit and a love of colour and pattern but in such a confined space, we were conscious of how easy it would be to overwhelm the space.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.45.32 PM

We began with the colour choice for the walls. Lavender is an unexpected colour choice for a living room but it succeeds beautifully here in invoking a cool, calming backdrop for the rich textiles and pattern. We added a darker lavender tone and mirrored wall moldings to add depth dimension and sparkle to the walls. Polished steel, mirror and metallic finishes amplify the sense of space. While the rich teal on the dining chairs and the oversized chandelier draws the eye to the back of the room, visually expanding the sense of space.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.44.49 PM

In this small space, graphic geometric prints and lines, sit comfortably alongside animal print and botanic pattern all grounded by the harmonious mix of greys, blues and lavender tones.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.45.10 PM

The result is a perfect blend of pattern and colour but in a calm manner that complements rather than overpowers the room. We have achieved the sense of exuberance and attention to detail that the client wanted yet still retaining a crisp tranquility.

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Centuries ago, Michael Angelo showed the world the power of a drop dead gorgeous ceiling. So why do so many of us live with plain white, boring ceilings?

Ceilings are my favourite area of the home to design. I like to think of the ceiling as the fifth wall. Uninterrupted by doors or windows as vertical walls are prone to be, or encumbered by pieces of furniture as our floors usually are, ceilings are a blank canvas, a perfect place to unleash some serious creativity.

In areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and walk in wardrobes where the walls are usually lined with cabinetry, the ceiling can often be the only free surface for a designer to make a statement.

So check out how some of our recent ceiling designs and channel your inner Michael Angelo…

Mirror it! Elevate a room with low ceilings or a dearth of natural light in one stylish swoop of a mirror.

DI5_2285 cropped.jpg

Beam me up Scottie!


Singing the blues!


The Midas touch…


Dropping the ceiling and finishing it in a different hue, delineates the sleeping zone in this expansive bedroom.


Bathroom bliss


A windowless corridor can be a sad, uninspiring space.

A pattern on the walls in such a narrow space would have been overwhelming but on the ceiling, it adds pzazz without overpowering the space. Drawing the pattern down the end wall provides a focal point that completes the look.


This ceiling design is bold: it gives you energy but the look is still very calm because everything at eye level is calm.


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Who needs a view when the internal views are this good?

Both these rooms are internal rooms with no direct access to the outside. With no windows, they could be gloomy and dark. So our design solution was to give them plenty to look at… on the inside.

Strong, bold, graphic lines draw the eye and imbue a sense of confidence. These rooms ooze glamour: brazenly disregarding their architectural shortcomings.

DSC_0891a 2

Mirrors and polished surfaces reflect any available light, with these bold scenic wallpapers, who needs a view?
2 copy

Longing for lush verdant views?

Create your own. Who needs a garden when your interiors look so great?

DI5_4607 DI5_4632Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM*** All photos are from Design Intervention projects.

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