This period in time unlike any other in history and many of us are turning away from the mayhem outside our windows and on the TV and instead are rediscovering a love for our kitchens. We could even, consider this to be a mini food revolution.

Photo source –

As we soldier through the lockdown, the kitchen is seeing the most use under these special circumstances – especially if you have a family who enjoys eating, or a couple or single person with all the time in the world to try out new recipes and cook up a storm!

Now that you have a daily relationship with your kitchen, have you decided:

  • What you like or dislike about it? 

  • Do certain aspects of it frustrate you? 

  • Are there parts of it you enjoy and others you would perhaps like to remove?

Kitchen Design Sketch Book

Final Result!!!

Beginning with the #1 Bug Bear

How efficient is your kitchen layout? While the idea of the typical kitchen triangle has dominated – sink, stove and refrigerator each making up a point of the triangle and placed a certain distance for maximum efficiency, this may not work for you.

Typical Work Zones

Instead, like many of our clients your preference might be for the sink, stove and prep counter to occupy a zone that suits your needs better. This award winning kitchen showcases that brilliantly. The following floor plan highlights three zones: a vegeterian, non-vegeterian and a designated breakfast area.

The floor plan highlights three zones: a vegeterian, non-vegeterian and a designated breakfast zone

In today’s households, people need kitchens which are more social but still require a layout so guests can interact without stepping on the cook’s toes. An island can act as a great separator between cooking and dining areas.

Pinterest Kitchen Designs


Design Intervention Kitchen Design

Is your prep area living up to expectation or are you running out of worktop space? We know kitchens come with a hefty price tag, but as worktops are one of the most hardworking elements of a kitchen, our advice is to choose the best worktops you can afford. Granite, composite and solid surfaces are great investments as they are tough, durable and will ensure a luxe finish. Marble can be a consideration but needs careful care and is probably more suited to a feature island or less used area.

Moodboards showing hard materials


Design Intervention Kitchen Design


Countertop Surfaces by Studio Mcgee,

We are not all blessed to have our kitchens flooded with natural light, so is inadequate lighting posing a constraint?  Lighting is an important detail that is so often overlooked in kitchens but it is debatably the most important factor in transforming your kitchen. Task lighting in particular is extremely vital to your food prep spaces; spotlights and under-counter lighting can be impactful.

Design Intervention Kitchen Design

As this kitchen had no windows, the right balance of artificial light was extremely important.

Design Intervention Kitchen Design

Ah…that other major frustration we might encounter – the lack of storage! Is this driving you crazy just now as you transform into a juggler on a daily basis? Storage options are endless and you now have the time to work out where your current system might be failing you. Your cabinets should include fully-extended drawers and vertical storage as both options serve a different purpose; drawers are great for dishes, bowls and saucepans but don’t suit cutting boards and baking trays.

Where do you store the appliances and utensils you use the most?

Here are some great storage options for you to consider.

If you have children, has your kitchen coped with them being around all day, every day, darting in for snacks and meals?  You might want to consider rehousing certain items – store breakfast foods and snacks on shelves they can reach or create a dedicated breakfast area.


And for that matter, have your kitchen cabinets survived the daily onslaught of sticky fingers and frequent opening and shutting?  If you are muttering about the state of your cabinets and planning on replacing them, make sure they are of good quality so they last the distance.  If timber veneers are not an option, consider recreating the same look with a laminate and bear in mind that matte finishes don’t show dirt as much as glossy ones do.

Design Intervention Kitchen Design

While these major factors are essential to any kitchen, it is the finer details that can make your kitchen sing, with hardware and coloured cabinets being an opportunity to make a personal statement. Think bold (if you dare!) as hardware can be considered the jewellery in the room. While handles and knobs might be considered purely functional, they are the details that make a big impact.

So careful planning is required to ensure your kitchen is highly functional but still beautiful as we are spending more time in and around our kitchen.

So ask yourself what will make your kitchen your happy place? Sleeker worktops, a statement island or lots of storage. Or are there some specific appliances that would make your life far easier? Whichever they are, the end result is ultimately a process of detailed attention to these specific areas which if done correctly, will make your kitchen your happy place!

After all, what is more important than FUN, FOOD and LIFE!

Design Intervention Kitchen Design

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Over the years, we have designed a wide range of  Home Bars, for all sorts of homes, lavish or discreet, big or small, indoor, poolside or on a balcony. We can’t quite make up our mind which we love best, but one thing is for sure, during this present lockdown, these Home Bars have never been more needed or more appreciated.

WFH is making it hard to switch off and unwinding with a drink to mark the end of the work week is more important than ever. So, grab a glass of your favourite tipple and join us on a tour of our favourite home bar projects. Bottoms up! 🍷

Front and Centre!

Love to entertain at home? Then a statement Bar could be just what you need.

Design Intervention

Modern, opulent and striking. This luxurious home bar is the centerpiece of the room. A rich malachite stone counter, zebra stools, a gilt edged built in wine chiller, are all topped off with a glamorous chandelier to deliver the ultimate home bar experience.

Design Intervention

The “Now you see it, now you don’t”

Looking for something a tad more discreet? Then a bar tucked behind closed doors, speak easy style, may be the perfect solution. This home bar is compact too, handy when you are short on square footage. Behind the bespoke doors is a complete home bar including a chic service counter, a wine fridge and storage for glasses too.

Design Intervention

Not ready to commit to a bespoke built-in piece?

This sleek cabinet could be the solution. When closed, it blends right into the sophisticated living room. But when the clock strikes Wine o’clock , let those doors swing open and enjoy!

Design Intervention

Going Green

Linking Indoors and Outdoors, this Bar set into the corner of a verandah, is a perfect spot to enjoy life in the tropics, surrounded by lush greenery. We clad the bar front in mirror so that it practically disappears so nothing distracts from the view.

Design Intervention

Put It In on a Tray

No bar? No problem! A butlers tray can fit into the snuggest nook.

Design Intervention

The Wine Aficionado’s Bar

Here we have integrated a home cellar with a snazzy chill out zone to create the ultimate storage solution that is every bit as practical as it is appealing.

Design Intervention

Go Gold or Go Home!

This seriously sexy bar goes all out with gold accents for full on glamour. We have utilized the space under the stairs for a dramatic home bar that includes an integrated bar fridge, ice machine, wine fridge.

Design Intervention


Keeping it mobile

A drinks cart Mad Men style is compact and flexible. And the cool curves are so inviting.

Design Intervention

Mirror it!

Easiest decor trick ever — hanging a mirror behind a tray. Makes it feel polished and put together, without having to put a lot of effort into it.

Design Intervention

On Top of the world!

Make the most of the slimmest of balcony spaces with this compact set up. Pour yourself your favourite drink and while away hours just watching the clouds float by.

Design Intervention

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Home-schooling is a whole new ball game!

If like me, you find yourself Working from Home due to COVID-19 and home schooling at the same time then let’s just say this requires a new found balance and patience! To say that home life can become chaotic and stressful would be a supreme understatement, and one that we can definitely relate to!

Starting the week off questioning the merit of continuing these schooling practices with my 2 years old and soon to be 5 years old, I sat down at the kitchen table with an iPad and MS Teams to dig deeper into the content and I was pleasantly blown away; it was incredible! So superb in fact I figured, I too would benefit from this learning at the same time!

So there, in lies the inspiration for this BLOG: Work Space for Kids

Design Intervention-Girl’s Bedroom Design

Most people work better given a great place to get organised, enjoy good lighting and have their supplies close at hand, so why should children react any differently?  No doubt many of us are anxious about home schooling our children as it may be a journey into the unknown but we can get them started on the right foot with a welcoming place to hit the books.

While not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home office, it is still possible to create an attractive and organised study zone. Check out these two images below. Bedroom set ups!

Design Intervention-Kids’ Room Ideas

If you have the space, you might consider a dedicated homework station – as furnishing your child with necessary supplies will minimise distractions and foster a quiet space to study.

Design Intervention-Study Corner Design

If you have to accommodate more than one child, you could set up co-shared workstations against a wall.

Design Intervention-Boys’ Bedroom Design

Design Intervention-Girls’ Bedroom Design

However, for space constraints and budget  🤑 this below is one of my favourites.


Or, you can temporarily convert your kitchen into a homework zone.

Design Intervention Kitchen Design

This simple space-saving desk design, created by Amy Baesler of Remodalholic, is perfect for anyone hoping to make use of a small space, such as a hallway or landing zone.

Being able to locate a dedicated workspace in a central area in the home during the coming weeks can help reduce any feelings of isolation your child might be experiencing as you come to terms with establishing a routine and devise a workable time table that fits your home life.

So, while home schooling may become a fact of life for the foreseeable future, the resulting daily chaos can be avoided. Check out the following article for more news about home-based learning in Singapore: Online classes

This unlooked-for time together can be viewed as a special way to connect with our children, and instead of being a chore, this collaboration could provide a beneficial learning experience for families. After all, when was the last time we all stopped and were able to spend weeks with just our loved ones, safely cocooned in our homes?

Hang in there – #We are all in this together

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With millions around the world working from home, we have assembled some timely tips to inspire your home office revamp. Beyond reiterating the importance of ergonomics, functionality and good lighting, it is important to carve out a space that boosts your mood and nourishes the mind.

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places! It’s your own working space—be inspired by your favourite painting and fill the room with positivity and enthusiasm. Let the colours brighten up your mood and help you reach your goals! There is no one size fits all solution. Everyone is different and personalising your space to lift your spirits will mean selecting a style that makes you feel good.

Check through our compilation of style to see ideas that may work for you.

Channel your inner CEO!

This masculine home office featuring dark wood furniture, luxurious Ralph Lauren wallpaper and a serene palette. Clean lines, masculine tones warmed by wooden texture and a subtle undercurrent of luxe.

Masculine Office Design Idea with Giorgetti Scriptor Writing Desk, Design Intervention

A Mid Century Vibe

Inject a Mad Men vibe to your office domain with sleek, mid-century modern décor. Surrounding yourself with memorabilia and trinkets that you love, has been proven to boost the spirit.

The wall cabinetry houses a valuable whisky collection, memorabilia and books, adding a personal touch to the space. The classic mid-century olive green walls mimic the lush vegetation outside and keeps the space invigorating and comforting. Metallic glints from the gold toned bar trolley add a touch of luxe. Truly a study fit for the Man-of-the-House. Design Intervention

Lady Boss at Home

The feminine entrepreneur of the house deserves a workspace to reflect her unique personality. For a sophisticated lady boss, this stunning curved desk is every bit as functional as it is luxurious. With leather table top, metal framework, built in charging docks and Led strips that casts a soft glow, this chic desk serves as a fashionable and functional workspace, overflowing with serene glamour. Read more about our award-winning project: Click Here. Design Intervention

A colourful abstract art can set the palette for a cheerful, energising office space that gets your creative juices flowing. Design Intervention

Co-shared Office Space

When both you and your partner work from the comfort of your own home it’s important to optimise the home office to accommodate each other’s needs. This stunning  home office offers plenty of space for two with separated desks, each designed with a convenient nook to ensure a bit of privacy, without distracting the other with their screen. Wall niches can house screen monitors so that desk tops can be kept uncluttered, per preference.

And with such a bright and airy home office as the vista outside, it won’t be hard to look your best during your Zoom or Skype videoconference call.

Fancy reading more about incorporating chinoiserie décor elements into your space? Check out one of our favourite blog posts: Click Here

Chinoiserie Chic Home Office, Design Intervention

Keen on maintaining cleanliness in your shared workspace area? Wall-mounted desks are your best choice. Easy to clean with plenty of leg room, and blinds to fend off any glare on your computers, this modern office is the perfect co-productive space.

And the blue painted walls, adorned with artwork provide a relaxing, soothing break from being stuck for too long in front of the monitor.

Modern Home Office Workspace for Two, Design Intervention

No view, no problem!

Sadly not all of us have the luxury of a great view. Luckily, there are a host of wallcoverings that will bring the outside in as well as whimsical designs that can make you smile and lift your moods. And let’s face it, we all need a bit of that right now.

Wallcovering Ideas for Home Offices, Design Intervention

Keep your spirits up amidst all the gloom. When the world is shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to stay positive and take care of one another. Little details such as an invigorating cup of tea or connecting via Zoom with your colleagues can help alleviate the stress. And while working from home has become the new norm, there’s comfort in knowing that we’re all in this TOGETHER.

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Paris needs no introduction of course and we were very excited to be kicking off 2020 in this iconic city in mid-January, warmly wrapped to combat the winter chill.  Not that anyone needs an excuse to visit Paris in any season! For us however, a big drawcard was the opportunity to experience two of the most prestigious lifestyle and design events in the world: Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off, an open house of the right and left bank designer showrooms.

Paris Deco Off was particularly appealing with trade talks and events hosted by the most stylish and innovative showrooms in the design world. Its festive environment led us on a wonderful design journey through the streets of Paris.

Check out some of our highlights


Tropical prints are certainly no passing trend and in 2020 we see them reinterpreted with a new level of sophistication. Murals printed on grass cloth and embroidered fabrics deliver drama, richness and luxury. Some of our favourites were seen at Casamance, Arte and DeGournay. Discover more about -> Tropical Prints.





1. Fabric Dome 2. The Iconic lampshades of Deco Off – over 150 illuminations are strung across Paris 3. Japanese inspired wallpaper @Arte 4. Sitting on one of the Giant Pieces of Furniture exhibited across Paris 6. Zuber splendour


Following the design trail set out for Paris Deco Off isn’t the only way to find design inspiration because in the words of Thomas Jefferson:


One such enchanted walk lead us to none other than the Plaza De Athenee and Alan Ducasse’s amazing restaurant. Deconstructed glittering chandeliers and elegant silver bells reflect the purity of the menu. While later on, a feminine inspired salon at the La Narcisse boutique hotel was the ultimate memorable venue for a night cap.





 With more than 5,000 exhibitors and an enormous exhibition hall, this is an endless source of inspiration for the world of interiors. A mecca of all things lifestyle, each year sees brands pushing the boundaries in design. These are some of our highlights from the design fair which never fails to surprise and delight.

Lights take on an art form –  illumination is purely their function.  Shapes, materials, designs and structures are dramatic and museum worthy.

Colour appears everywhere, in stools and rugs from Ferreira de Sa and objet from luxury lifestyle brand L’Objet.

Animal prints and designs are still centre stage but re-inspired with new designs and colours – the trend is perennial and will be forever chic in any interior. If you’re a big fan of animal print check out our blog post Animal Instincts.


My personal favourite – Lladro Porcelain masks

No one could ever find Paris dull, as design week or not, this city is a feast for the senses.  Its beauty, history, food and culture makes it one of our favourites and we just loved beginning this exciting year with a total cultural and design immersion in one of the most famous cities in the world.

Bring on 2020!


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New year, new decade, new start, new hope…. 2020

We return to work after a fun packed holiday break, full of excitement and anticipation about what this new decade will bring for us. And as we begin to attack our latest projects, we can’t help but evaluate how our client’s expectations seem to be at a pivotal turning point as we enter this new decade.

Throughout most of the last decade, our client briefs would emphasize aesthetics and perhaps function. But more recently, expectations extend far beyond simply enhancing the look of the home. Overwhelmingly, we see our clients, thinking about their homes as personal sanctuaries. Individual style preferences may differ but the brief from our clients is surprisingly consistent.

They are asking for personalized homes that are restorative retreats where they can recharge and reset. They are searching for design choices that go beyond improving aesthetics: they are looking to design to promote wellbeing to nurture happiness and foster healthier lifestyles.

Experts predict that stress related illnesses will be the primary cause of sickness in 2020 and scientific studies have proven the disastrous effects of poor sleep on health and happiness. So it stands to reason that the pursuit of effective ways to lead healthier happier lives is going to be a key driver of lifestyle choices. Our environment affects us in real, physiological ways, impacting both physical and mental health.

Since we spend close to 90% of our lives indoors, we expect the single most, all-encompassing design theme will be to harness the transformative power of design to tailor our built environments to reduce stress and influence the way we feel, behave and perform. The pressure is on for our homes to soothe and restore. Home owners will expect their homes to have optimal air quality and clean-filtered water and good natural light.

The last decade saw a meteoric rise in the growth of the wellness industry to exceed a staggering annual turnover in excess of USD $4Trillion dollars. Yoga holidays and exotic spa-breaks have become commonplace. The next decade will see wellness literally coming home with people looking to make a real and daily difference to their lives.

This new way of looking at the design of our homes will lead to an emphasis on the “private zones” of the home as homeowners are looking to include home gyms, bathrooms that serve as personal spas and bedrooms designed to promote better sleep.


 Home owners will be less concerned with creating show homes, but will focus more on comforting, nurturing authentic environments, designed to soothe and inspire themselves rather than impress others.

We see this translate into 7 key trends:


Colour can affect our moods in real and measurable ways, and as homeowners look to create backdrops that soothe, inspire or energize- expect to see more colour in our homes. Pastels are being accepted as neutrals.

Bold, inspiring tones are no longer confined to mere accents.

Perhaps the most notable change is the trend towards colourful kitchens. Once all white kitchen reigned supreme- we are increasingly seeing clients asking for kitchens that are personalized as much as the other areas of their homes.


Technological advancements have impacted lighting – more than any other element in the home. A good lighting designer can alter our perception of space, proportion and affect our mood and even our behaviour. Home owners are no longer content with ceilings peppered with a multitude of harsh spotlights everywhere. We want lighting that does more than facilitate function, we expect lighting that creates atmosphere and mood.

Layered lighting, varying colour temperatures (how white a light is) and brightness to create different mood settings will be de rigour in the years to come.


Biophilia is still a new term but it is fast becoming one of the most important considerations in design. Biophilia stems from Greek words for Life (Bios) and Love (Philia) and literally means a love of life or love of nature.

Biophilic design is more than just bringing the outside in. It’s about making and strengthening a connection with nature that has a visceral effect, soothing us at our core. It’s about natural light, views on nature, plants, natural materials, textures and patterns. Incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment have been proven to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity.


The design of bathrooms has moved beyond simply functional areas of the home. Our clients are looking to us to create an experience, they expect nurturing spaces with an emphasis on authenticity.



We are tactile beings.Touch makes us feel good -releasing the feel good hormone oxytocin. Pet owners live longer because stroking our pets calms us, relieving stress. Tactile stimulation lowers cortisol, reducing anxiety.

Close up of bed and pillows. Scandi style bedroom decor

With so much of our time spent touching shiny smooth screens and devices, our sense of touch has been deprived for too long. As such, expect to see a demand for natural textural elements in the home. ( Click Here  to find out more about TEXTURE ).


Life can be hard enough, your sofa doesn’t have to be! Low back, rectilinear furniture shapes are out. Comfort is in. Soft, curvaceous forms that cradle and comfort us will dominate in the decade to come.



The internet, online shopping and social media have made great design accessible for everyone but it has also led to homogenous homes across the globe. The new decade will see a drive for an individual stamp to design- so that our homes reflect our heritage and give a sense of who we are.

Artisanal elements and family heirlooms, trinkets, souvenirs and photos that spark happy memories will be intermixed with new pieces to create personalized interiors that reflect who we are, what we love and where we are from, where we can truly feel at home.




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The great painter Picasso said:

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”  

And for me Colours are emotion. SO I Iove the fact that after almost thirty years of neutral shades dominating the design landscape, there is a renewed interest in colour and we can see that clearly in the  official 2020 colour of the years selections. Pantone. Nippon, Benjamin More P&G have all gone for bold hues, Dulux and Sherwin Williams picks are softer but definitely not neutral. There is not a grey or beige to be found!

In September, I had the great privileged of being invited by Akzonobel, the makers of Dulux paints to be on the panel to choose the colour of the year for 2021 ( yes that is how far in advance these colours are selected. We chose the 2021 in September 2019! It was a wonderful opportunity to witness  the rigorous process that goes into choosing a colour of the year.  It was a multidisciplinary panel. Of course, there were designers and architects but there were also experts from other industries, including, media, robotics, healthcare, auto and representatives from all across the globe. The discussions at the 3 day round table, centred not on colour but on the state of the world. The object of the exercise was to feel the pulse of the people , their fears, their hopes, their aspirations, their concerns. What Akzonobel wanted us to decipher was- what was the mood of the people.

We discussed, politics, climate change, A.I. what movies were popular, which games people were playing… and from there, on the  last afternoon, of the very last day, we chose a colour that reflected the mood we had uncovered. If the colour of the year is a call on the mood of the world’s population, then it is not surprising that different paint companies come up with very similar colour choices.


People are often afraid to use strong colours on walls , but they can be a wonderful backdrop to allow other design elements to pop. Just as  the deep coloured lining of a jewellery box, shows off its contents to best effect, so to a strong coloured wall can be a fabulous backdrop for art.

People often worry that strong colours will be too stimulatory, but deep moody shades can evoke their own serenity.

If you are not ready to embrace the bold colour movement just yet, perhaps take it slow and try a statement piece of furniture like a feature sofa against a neutral back ground.

One of my personal favourites is to bright and fun kitchen cabinetry.

For the bold and the brave, combining colour and pattern has to be the way to go add new depth and dimension to your design scheme.

I love to be adventurous on ceilings,  who said ceilings have to be white? A lovely soft blue , is so much more interesting and can draw in exterior sky views.

And I will often use a dark hue on a low ceiling, to give height. That might sound perverse, but dark colours recede and if you paint a ceiling alcove a darker shade, it can give some depth to the room, and so the illusion of height.



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It’s that time of year – again! 🎄

We are seeing out another year and ushering in the next, which seems impossible as I feel like I planned my Christmas 2018 celebrations only a few months ago.  But there’s no escaping reality – evidenced by seasonal decorations and accompanying music and reminders about gifting all around us.

Trawling through a popular global site recently, I was struck by the abundance of animal motifs on ornaments, cards, and gifts offering Christmas cheer.  The variety was amazing as we have gone way past the traditional reindeer and cute appeal of animals found in the northern hemisphere to an entire zoo bedecked in red hats, scarves and jingling bells.  Looking at a set of animal print Christmas baubles recalled the beautiful animal themed fabrics, wallpapers and design elements I handle every day and which never fail to inspire me.

Animal prints have been trending for as long as there have been animals to admire and it has enduring staying power, despite our hearing that it has “made a comeback” or that it’s “fashionable again”.  In reality, animal prints have never gone away, as season after season fashion designers incorporate them into their collections and interior designers are attracted to their bold and timeless transformative power – some maybe to the point of obsession!  Some of us may just have a zebra fetish……..

Design Intervention

We’ve seen animal prints in bright colors and bold patterns over bed linen and curtaining in colour combinations suited to children and adults alike.  Evoking a sense of fun or sophistication, there is an endless choice to suit everyone’s pocket.

Pinterest Images

Animal inspired wallpapers provide elegant options for those with a restrained palette as well as those of us who have a taste for the flamboyant.  And there are prints incorporating cheeky animals in colourways that are definitely not for the faint-hearted, but guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

Images via Pinterest

Animal print throws and pillows can add a layer of texture and pattern to a room as they mix well with other patterns and can deliver unexpected effects.

If you are looking for a touch of warmth and glamour, animal print rugs and ottomans are a wonderful way to achieve this.

Design Intervention

Stripes and spots can be overwhelming and overdone as we do see them everywhere, but there are other animals who are overlooked, such as giraffe.  Ever fancied a giraffe-print desk or a chandelier or a cheetah side table?  Using small accent furniture pieces, cushions and tableware are a fabulous way to add a touch of whimsy without going the whole hog and they inject an element of surprise….

Images via Pinterest

A recent visit to Perth delivered many a chuckle when viewing the latest trend in lighting: animal lamps!  Table lamps and candle holders with impudent and irreverent monkeys inject levity into the serious business of choosing just the right illumination in a room. Being born in the year of the Monkey, these guys are my greatest pals. I need to find a place for these amazing baboon lights!

Pinterest Image

Additionally, it was very evident that animal themed home accessories are hugely popular just now with the monkey being the current animal of choice.   Other animals include deer and elephant while brilliantly hued birds abound on lamp bases.  Exotic peacock motifs with their jewel colours and iridescent feathers are stamped on fabrics and furnishings – an ageless symbol of good luck and plenty.

Images via Pinterest

And finally, wall murals and large scale art are tipped to be big in 2020 with animals prowling across our walls – as a backdrop behind our bed or making a statement in a living room.   No monkey business and not for the faint-hearted, but there’s no stopping you if you would like to take a walk on the wild side……?

Images via Pinterest

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Welcome to the Design Oscars!

What a thrill!!… The UPS delivery man has just delivered a big brown (heavy!!!) box from Amazon and we have torn through the packaging to uncover the newest edition of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review….

The Interior Design Review is published annually and each year as the release date draws near, we are in a state of eager anticipation. The book has been described as “The Bible of the Design World” and it really is the biggest, thickest, heaviest book we own.
We absolutely love it!
Within its hardback cover are over a 1000 beautiful photographs – a compendium of the world’s greatest designers and their best works of the year. The book features the work of almost a hundred designers from every corner of the globe, and that is what makes the book so compelling- it’s sheer variety.

The pages contain the very best examples of classic, eccentric, decadent, minimalist or avant-garde. It is very simply a compilation of the best of every design genre highlighting the current trends in international interior design… What other inspiration could a design-lover need?
Competition amongst designers to have our work included in these pages is fierce. The Times has described it as “The Oscars of the interior Design World”.
In total, three design firms  were selected to represent the best of ASEAN design: Geoffrey Thomas from Malaysia and Bill Bensley from Thailand and we are honoured to have been chosen and to be showcasing Singapore design.
It is the sixth time that Design Intervention has been featured in the Interior Design Review and we are simply thrilled to have made the cut again.

Design Intervention

A living room with earthy tones. A big wine cabinet in the background.

Design Intervention

A colourful sofa in front of the window on the verandah.

Design Intervention

Navy blue wallpaper in a bedroom with bright yellow throws on the bed that brightens up the space

Design Intervention

I am a big fan of Bill Bensley’s work, ever since I stayed at his Intercontinental resort in Vietnam. It’s a great honour to have our projects featured alongside his. Just look at how amazing his projects are!


Another favourite of ours is British designer, Matthew Williamson, who was also selected this year. He has an amazing sense of colour and a love of pattern and the photos of his showcased projects are some of our favourites in this year’s edition.


We also enjoyed the photos of Steve Leung’s recent projects. He is a master at capturing a sultry, moody ambience. There is a sexiness to his photos that is absolutely mesmerising.


The Interior Design review is undoubtedly our favourite design publication. Year after year, we find it a rich source of inspiration and it is a joy to flip through the pages. So it is an absolute delight to be included alongside some of the biggest names in Design.


A huge thank you to the team at Andrew Martin for selecting us!

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Touch — the “Feel Good” sense…

A kiss, a hug, a simple pat on the head or a gentle squeeze of a forearm… we show our affection through touch.
We are tactile beings. Touch makes us feel good — releasing the feel good hormone oxytocin. Pet owners live longer because stroking our pets calms us, relieving stress. This is Science Fact.

young boy cuddling cute dog

The world's first magnetic resonance image of a mother kissing her baby

“This is the world’s first magnetic resonance image of a mother kissing her baby. Her kiss has caused a chemical reaction in her son’s brain which generates a burst of oxytocin – a hormone that generates feelings of attachment and affection. Beautiful.” Credit: NH Neuro TrainingLess
Calling for a multi-sensory approach to design.
So it leaves me completely bewildered that we consistently ignore this crucial sense. We experience our environment through our senses but when we design we routinely only address the sense of sight.
We know that music affects our mood and soothes us. So we will instinctively  turn on some gentle music at the end of a long day.
It is a well known trick of the real estate industry to have a home smelling of freshly baked cookies when showing a house for a sale. The scent creates a warm, friendly and homely ambience. It is certainly no secret that scented candles and room fragrance sales have seen phenomenal sales growth, as consumers look for ways to make their homes more inviting.
So why oh why do we ignore the sense of touch – the physical manifestation of love!


collage of textured materials and fabrics

Warm, textured throws makes the bedroom so cozy!

grey tones and texture in a bedroom

Craving a little bit of rough.

With so much of our time spent touching, shiny smooth man-made materials, screens or keyboards – This sense has been deprived for too long.  Raw hewn natural wood, textured grass cloth walls, woven cane and rattan, embroidered fabrics  are all making a comeback. multiple images of texture in the homeBut it is not simply in organic, natural themed rooms where we can enjoy textile elements. No one can deny the meteoric rise in popularity of lush velvets, it is the rich tactile quality that appeals to  us after so much exposure to hard smooth metals and plastics that surround us every day.examples of textured home accents within the homeI have always been partial to a bit of fur for the same reason. Recently, we have been rediscovering Anagalypta wall coverings to give a subtle layer of texture to our designs. And I am really loving the new Bouclé fabrics that many of the fabric suppliers have launched in the last few weeks. Expect to see so much more of them in 2020.

floral patterned bedroom with sheepskin throw

For a more glamorous look, nothing can beat the iridescence of a room wrapped in a silk.

Dining room with green silk Fromental design wallpaper

And the recent trend towards trims and braids is as much about adding texture as it is about adding detail.Home office of Nikki Hunt showing artwork and fringed curtains in pink huesBy exciting this additional sense, we can add new dimension to our designs, elevating them, bringing them to life like a black and white picture being reworked in colour.

Bring in the texture and feel the love.

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