Pink Pandemonium!

The design world is buzzing with pink mania sparked by  #barbiethemovie. Here at Design Intervention we have always been partial to pop of pink. From beautiful blush to marvelous magenta, the rosy hue is a consistent  feature across our portfolio

In homage to Barbie, we celebrate pink this week and share our top tips to help you employ the power of pink for #happierhomeshealthierlives.

Have you ever heard the expression – “in the pink of health” to describe someone who is feeling great.

Pink is a feel good colour which is why I like to use it in my designs.

Pink is associated with compassion, nurturing, and love.

It’s a colour that can give us a mood boost and evoke feelings of joy. This makes it perfect colour for a sofa-encouraging you to lie back and relax and be enveloped in positivity.

The Power to Soothe

In colour Psychology a soft pastel pink shade has been shown to soothe – so much so that some prisons is Switzerland have painted jail cells pink to calm aggressive prisoners!

We can employ the incredible calming power of pink to create our own tranquil retreats.

One of my favourite tricks is to combine it with heaps of texture of earthy neutrals to craft rooms that are guaranteed to soothe and restore.

Click here to transport you to a verdant oasis home.

Associated with femininity, pink has evolved beyond this stereotype and is now seen as a sophisticated and versatile colour. In this glamorous living room, we have combined cool and hot pink shades. Mixing in bolts of black  balances the sense of the feminine and ensures a room that is crisp and contemporary.

While a soft pink can add warmth and softness to a space, a vibrant, a bold pink can bring energy and vibrancy to a space, making it a great for accent pieces.

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Thinking about incorporating a pop of pink into your home? These handy design tips may be helpful.

1. Accent Pieces

If you’re new to using pink, start with accent pieces like cushions, artwork, or a statement chair.

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2. Walls

A pink feature wall can add a surprising amount of depth and interest to a room. Opt for a soft, blush pink for a soothing effect or a bright magenta for a more striking impact.

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3. Ceiling

In my London apartment, I choose a soft rosy hue for the ceiling to warm up the cold North facing room.

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4. Textiles

Pink curtains, bedding, or rugs can add a touch of softness and warmth to any space.

5. Pairing Pink

Pink pairs beautifully with a range of colours. For a monochromatic scheme, pair different shades of pink together. For a complementary scheme, consider pairing pink with green or yellow. For a sophisticated look, consider pairing pink with greys, blacks.

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