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Welcome to the Design Oscars!

What a thrill!!… The UPS delivery man has just delivered a big brown (heavy!!!) box from Amazon and we have torn through the packaging to uncover the newest edition of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review….

The Interior Design Review is published annually and each year as the release date draws near, we are in a state of eager anticipation. The book has been described as “The Bible of the Design World” and it really is the biggest, thickest, heaviest book we own.
We absolutely love it!
Within its hardback cover are over a 1000 beautiful photographs – a compendium of the world’s greatest designers and their best works of the year. The book features the work of almost a hundred designers from every corner of the globe, and that is what makes the book so compelling- it’s sheer variety.

The pages contain the very best examples of classic, eccentric, decadent, minimalist or avant-garde. It is very simply a compilation of the best of every design genre highlighting the current trends in international interior design… What other inspiration could a design-lover need?
Competition amongst designers to have our work included in these pages is fierce. The Times has described it as “The Oscars of the interior Design World”.
In total, three design firms  were selected to represent the best of ASEAN design: Geoffrey Thomas from Malaysia and Bill Bensley from Thailand and we are honoured to have been chosen and to be showcasing Singapore design.
It is the sixth time that Design Intervention has been featured in the Interior Design Review and we are simply thrilled to have made the cut again.

Design Intervention

A living room with earthy tones. A big wine cabinet in the background.

Design Intervention

A colourful sofa in front of the window on the verandah.

Design Intervention

Navy blue wallpaper in a bedroom with bright yellow throws on the bed that brightens up the space

Design Intervention

I am a big fan of Bill Bensley’s work, ever since I stayed at his Intercontinental resort in Vietnam. It’s a great honour to have our projects featured alongside his. Just look at how amazing his projects are!


Another favourite of ours is British designer, Matthew Williamson, who was also selected this year. He has an amazing sense of colour and a love of pattern and the photos of his showcased projects are some of our favourites in this year’s edition.


We also enjoyed the photos of Steve Leung’s recent projects. He is a master at capturing a sultry, moody ambience. There is a sexiness to his photos that is absolutely mesmerising.


The Interior Design review is undoubtedly our favourite design publication. Year after year, we find it a rich source of inspiration and it is a joy to flip through the pages. So it is an absolute delight to be included alongside some of the biggest names in Design.


A huge thank you to the team at Andrew Martin for selecting us!

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This apartment is home to well-travelled, cosmopolitan couple approaching retirement. They wanted a home with a warm, welcoming vibe, free from ostentation that resonated with homely comfort rather than “haute design”.

A collector of art, wine and…300 custom knives!!!

The couple are avid collectors and have been building up their extensive collections for over 30 years.

When asked about their beloved art pieces the couple singled out a few pieces that required special prominence. Three large pieces by MF Hussein, one in particular was purchased, delivered and hung in complete secrecy as an anniversary gift to his wife.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (The wife sure had a pleasant surprise!)

(Artworks are displayed in every part of the house!)

Our aim was to showcase the owner’s impeccable sense of eye for art and design, to pull together all these elements and to create a stunning family home.

A sight to impress Oenophiles everywhere. Well they say its always 6pm somewhere… it certainly here all the time!

Sporting a minimalist profile, these bronze and rimless glass doors enclose a state-of-the-art storage solutions. Combined with this broad expanse of marble-clad bar and seating, we created the ultimate inducement for entertaining and impressing the oenophile in everyone!

The singular shelving layout displays the bottles horizontally with each label facing the front, vertical LED lights creating the ambience, offering a beautiful showcase that heroes the whilst protecting it.

Upholstered barstools inject colour and a joyful counterbalance against the sleek metal and glass fascia.

There’s a first time for everything! We were amazed to know this client collects knives as well.


This cabinet was handcrafted to hold these spectacular knives. A layered timber and bronze console forms the support for 6 pairs of magnetized metal bars anchored inside.

These slim bars appear to float above the console and belie the strength and security of the structure. Each bespoke knife has its own special position with this cabinet highlighting its unique character and detail.


This cabinet doubles as a display and a divider between the dining room and the study room.

Avid entertainers, we wanted to ensure that our client’s dining area did not disappoint. Being the home’s social hub, we have strived to ensure it is convivial and comfortable as well as beautiful.

This area is characterised by the vibrant art and display set against modern furniture pieces. Plus, those knives will be a good conversation starter!

Being frequent entertainers, we wanted to ensure that our client’s dining area did not disappoint. Being the home’s social hub, we strived to ensure it was convivial and comfortable as well as dynamic. This area is characterised by the vibrant art and display set against modern furniture pieces.

(Plus those knives will be a good conversation starter!)



When we thought we had seen it all, our client showed us another extensive collection of theirs…treasured handmade shoes!

For their ease, these shoes are to be stored at the lift lobby. Contemplating storage for this area, we elected to install cabinets at either side of the lift doors. We avoided having floor to ceiling cabinetry as it would look to heavy. Instead, we custom-made floating consoles that are designed to fit their shoe sizes.

We are very proud to have been able to integrate their collections seamlessly into their new home avoiding any showy or ostentatious display whilst still allowing total ease of function, achieving the practical requirements listed by our clients.


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We took a single storey residence, home to a couple with two young kids and a dog, and made it into a pad that is worthy enough for the cast of Madmen!

With an impressive art collection that needed careful consideration and placement, this became a good starting point for the design concept. Strong cobalt blues were a dominant colour for many of the public spaces, while warm autumnal colours set the tones for others.

With a cold grey architectural palette, the house needed vibrancy and warmth. Splashes of colour were used in fabrics, rugs and customised carpentry pieces. Brushed brass was seamlessly integrated into the space in trims and light fixtures. We wanted the house to have splashes of colour and warmth, with a continuous nod to mid-century elements.

Enviably, natural light streams into the entire house and was an important influencing factor in the final colour palette,  juxtaposed with the client’s vivid art work. Bespoke and curated furniture pieces were carefully chosen. 


The entry way is a high traffic area in this bustling household, criss-crossed daily by adults, children and pets.  To add warmth the walls are papered in a custom coloured Japanese veneer wallpaper which also serves to link the area with the timber cabinetry in the rest of the house.
A bespoke hide rug in a classic Y pattern adds a layer of texture underfoot and serves as a patterned pathway that naturally leads towards the adjacent living area. The subdued sheen of brass makes its introduction in the classic light fitting adding an understated touch of luxe.


A velvet floral sofa provides textural opulence, peach tones are fresh against the hazelnut veneers. Curved shapes, a mixture of leather, velvet, brass and glass are in total contrast. One offsets the other to achieve balance and cohesion.
Fabrics are fresh and zesty, yet durable to endure the rough and tumble associated with everyday family life.


Cobalt blue has been chosen to link the open plan living spaces with the real hero piece a custom made bar counter.


What’s mid-century without palm motifs! The vibrantly patterned wallpaper is bold and dramatic and adds an artistic flair to the room. A Coltrane ceiling light in black with brass accents adds a subtle element of sophistication.


This room was designed around artworks with more earthy tones. Leather, cowhides and sage green sit against pops of chartreuse. A retro print armchair acknowledges the Danish influence in the mid-century movement.
Metallic glints from the gold toned bar trolley add a touch of luxe and wood – this is so mid-century.
Romeo (the glorious German Shepherd) takes centre stage, doesn’t he perfectly blend in with the earthy tones??


Fun coral and mustard tones set against raspberry accents make this master bedroom happy while textural materials such as faux fur and antique mirror add sophistication and contrast.


Mid-century motifs are incorporated into a customized rug design. This 12m rug adds drama yet, injects vibrancy into a transitional  and very functional space.  Challenged by a low ceiling, clear acrylic pendant lights resolve that problem: they add interest and a pop of colour, without making the ceiling feel any lower.
The client has been delivered a home that is sophisticated yet playful and fresh, brimming with Mid-Century references.
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Next week, the annual edition of the Interior Design Review arrives in Singapore bookstores. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular publication, it is a compilation of the works of the top 95 designers from around the world. Indeed the Times (UK) has described it as the “Bible” of the interior design world and it certainly is a Bible for me. Long before I had even conceived the notion of beginning my own interior design practice, I would paw through the pages of this annual tomb and oooh and aaah at the pages within- 4 kilos of the most inspiring designs from all over the globe.


The inaugural edition was published 20 years ago. The work of Kelly Hoppen graced the cover and that was the first time I had ever heard of the decorating diva. Since then, this book, perhaps more than any other, has chronicled the evolution of design. Each year I wait for the new edition with eager anticipation and this year is no exception. As a featured designer, I am fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy a couple of weeks early, which means that I have had some time to review this year’s selections.

Kelly Hoppen’s work has been selected once again and it is fascinating to see how she has evolved as a designer.


There is still the same crispness to her work and sense of symmetry that infuses her projects with a wonderful tranquility. But 20 years on, the Queen of Taupe and Master of the Understated, has developed a Midas touch and embraced colour to boot. Her feature, for me, is one of the highlights of this year’s edition.

Another favourite of mine, are the Hirsch Bedner pages.


Not surprisingly, Greg Natale, the darling of Australian design was selected but, personally, I was more excited by the works of his compatriot, Rob Mills.


Familiar names like Suzanne Lovell and Taylor Howes were there and I particularly enjoyed the new sultry flavor to Katherine Pooley’s recent works.


But for me, the most exciting and inspiring works were from the Asian Designers.


When I first started collecting these books in the late 1990s, the pages were dominated by British, European and American designers. Admittedly, there was a smattering of selected works by a few Japanese designers but Western design clearly dominated the industry.

This year’s book is a clear testament to how far Asian design has progressed… Names like One Plus and Stephen Leung, command as much respect now as their Western counterparts.

But this year, they have been joined by host of up and coming Asian designers and their featured works are teaming with an unmatched vitality. Asians are no longer emulating their Western counterparts, these projects are fresh, resonating with a vibrant creativity yet reflecting their heritage. A full 17% of featured works have come from the Asian Region. The bulk are from Hong Kong/ China/ Taiwan but we at Design Intervention are delighted to once more represent Singapore Design in these pages.





This year we have been joined by a budding new designer from Indonesia, Prasetio Budhi, so doubling the representation of the S.E Asian Region.

It may have taken Asian designers 20 years to make such a significant impact on the global design scene but we are now ,clearly, a force to be reckoned with. And when I see the quality, creativity and innovation in the designs coming from our region, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Asia dominating these pages within the next 10 years.

It is an exciting time to be a designer in Asia.

Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM



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September is a key month in this designer’s calendar with the London Design Festival being one of my favourite times of the year. Top furniture designers unveil new products and most of the big Fabric and Wallpaper houses will launch a major new collection for the festival. This is the time when  the key trends for the forthcoming year become apparent. In addition, the new edition of the Andrew Martin International Design Review is released in conjunction with the event and the top list of the top 100 designers from across the globe is unveiled. So we are waiting with bated breath!

And, of no less significance, are the annual International Design and Architecture and International Product Design Awards. Results are announced in September too.This year, I am excited to share, that Design Intervention has been shortlisted in 6 categories. Two of our product designs, our Cameron sofa (which is one of our most popular sofa designs) and the Ridout console have been selected to represent the best of furniture design.

Vote for Design Intervention 2016 copy

We have 3 interior design projects shortlisted and one architectural project.

2 Vote for Design Intervention 2016

Voting is open now, until the end of the month to select the overall winner in each category. We are very proud of all our entries this year!

Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM

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A couple of weeks ago, we posted some pictures of a kitchen from our recent award winning project. Today, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the bathroom from the same home.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.22.51 AM.png

This master bathroom is unashamedly decadent. We set backlit onyx into a Japanese-inspired framework. It just exudes a sexy soft glow that fills the whole space. Very intimate and romantic.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.27.17 AM.png

This was such an interesting project to work on because everything in this home was customized, even the faucets!


Separate, dedicated vanities ensure marital harmony. Sleek and clean lined for him and unabashedly feminine for her. Drawer depths of varying sizes have been carefully considered to accommodate makeup, bottles and hairdryer. Everything has its place.

And don’t you just love the abundance of closet space… Mirrored wardrobe doors keep the space light and streamlined, allowing the lavish details space to shine.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.24.12 AM.png

Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM

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We have just returned from the International Property Awards and how wonderful to share the news that 2016 has proved to be our most successful year ever!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.33.49 AM.png

Not only did we win the award for the best interior designed residence in Singapore but we came home with the award for the best-designed apartment in Singapore too. This was the first time we have won in the apartment category and to win both the residence and apartment categories in the same year is just such an unexpected delight.

Mount Faber Apartment, Best Interior Design Apartment SingaporeScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.38.24 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.41.49 AM.png

Following on from our win last year in Japan, our Sydney project was named as the best-designed apartment in Australia, another first for the DI team and confirming that the DI reach extends beyond our local shores.

Balmoral Apartment, Best Interior Design Apartment AustraliaScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.50.39 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.57.42 AM.png

At the end of the evening, two projects were chosen from amongst the 26 country winners as the very best interior designed residences in the Asian Pacific region. To be a winner at a regional level for the 3rd year in a row is a great honour and we are delighted to be once more representing Singapore on the World stage with our project, The Modern Chinoiserie Home.

Modern Chinoiserie Home,  Asia Pacific – Best Interior Design Private ResidenceScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.04.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.11.03 PM.png

Regional winners from Asia-Pacific, Europe, Arabia and the Americas will compete for the title for the World’s Best which will be announced in London in December. So Look Out World— Here we come!

Will 2016 be the year we successfully take on the World? Here’s hoping…


Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM


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As much as I love a good night out in a fancy restaurant, there is something far more  intimate about entertaining at home.

After a long day in the office or dealing with contractors on site, cooking can be quite therapeutic, especially (and I am not ashamed to admit it) when there is a helper on hand to aid with the clean up. And this love of cooking and entertaining is reflected in our kitchen designs where aesthetics are never sacrificed for functionality. We design kitchens for cooking but of course with the DI panache.

So it is, perhaps, of little surprise that we have once more been shortlisted for the best kitchen design at the International Design and Architecture Awards.

This kitchen was my personal favourite of all the ones we worked on last year. It was designed for a family with four young children and a dad who was an avid cook.





This is a family kitchen in every sense, truly the heart of the home.

Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM

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This organic, curvy sofa is one of my absolute favourite sofa shapes. I first designed it a year ago and since then it has been one of our most popular sofa designs, working equally well in a relaxed den as it does in an elegant salon. And I am absolutely thrilled to share with you that this sofa has been selected by the judges at the International Product Design Awards as one of the nominees for Best Sofa of the year. The ultimate winner is to be announced at London Design week in September.

I am so excited and shall be crossing my fingers and toes until then! But
winner or not, this is definitely a piece that I am proud of. I just
love how it captures the perfect balance between strength and
comfort, organic shape and regular form invoking a sense of fun
and elegance simultaneously.
There is a inherent sense of comfort in the smooth, rounded forms that just oozes comfort with a capital C. It’s generous deep seats invite you to lie back and relax. I especially love how  this sofa is large enough to accommodate the whole family and the curved shape invites dialogue and interaction.
Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM
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Singapore design consultancy, Design Intervention is named “Best in Asia-Pacific” at the International Property Awards for 2015-2016.



Competing in the category of residential interior design, against firms from over 21 countries across the Asia- Pacific Region, this is the 2nd consecutive year that Design Intervention has achieved this honour, firmly establishing the local firm as a shining example of design excellence in the region.



“Singapore is establishing itself as a regional presence in the field of Design and we are delighted to be recognized on this International stage and bring this award home for Singapore.”

Nikki Hunt Principal, Design Intervention



The winning project is the Kasara Townhouses in Niseko Japan. A luxury ski Chalet resort owned and developed by the YTL Group.



“Led by Dato Mark and Head architect Baldip Singh, the Team at YTL has created one of the World’s premiere ski resorts and we were thrilled to be part of their team on this project

Andrea Savage, Partner and Project Director Design Intervention



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About the International Property Awards

  • The International Property Awards is the world’s largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programme. Worldwide, the 2015 International Property Awards has received entries from over 110 countries
  • The International Property Awards are judged by an independent panel of 70 industry experts. Judging focuses on design, and quality.
  • The judging panel is chaired by Lord Caithness and Lord Best, members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament.
  • Emirates Airlines is the official airline sponsor of The International Property Awards.
  • The Awards are in their 21st


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