Mid-Century House Tour: Get the Look!

We took a single storey residence, home to a couple with two young kids and a dog, and made it into a pad that is worthy enough for the cast of Madmen!

With an impressive art collection that needed careful consideration and placement, this became a good starting point for the design concept. Strong cobalt blues were a dominant colour for many of the public spaces, while warm autumnal colours set the tones for others.

With a cold grey architectural palette, the house needed vibrancy and warmth. Splashes of colour were used in fabrics, rugs and customised carpentry pieces. Brushed brass was seamlessly integrated into the space in trims and light fixtures. We wanted the house to have splashes of colour and warmth, with a continuous nod to mid-century elements.

Enviably, natural light streams into the entire house and was an important influencing factor in the final colour palette,  juxtaposed with the client’s vivid art work. Bespoke and curated furniture pieces were carefully chosen. 


The entry way is a high traffic area in this bustling household, criss-crossed daily by adults, children and pets.  To add warmth the walls are papered in a custom coloured Japanese veneer wallpaper which also serves to link the area with the timber cabinetry in the rest of the house.
A bespoke hide rug in a classic Y pattern adds a layer of texture underfoot and serves as a patterned pathway that naturally leads towards the adjacent living area. The subdued sheen of brass makes its introduction in the classic light fitting adding an understated touch of luxe.


A velvet floral sofa provides textural opulence, peach tones are fresh against the hazelnut veneers. Curved shapes, a mixture of leather, velvet, brass and glass are in total contrast. One offsets the other to achieve balance and cohesion.
Fabrics are fresh and zesty, yet durable to endure the rough and tumble associated with everyday family life.


Cobalt blue has been chosen to link the open plan living spaces with the real hero piece a custom made bar counter.


What’s mid-century without palm motifs! The vibrantly patterned wallpaper is bold and dramatic and adds an artistic flair to the room. A Coltrane ceiling light in black with brass accents adds a subtle element of sophistication.


This room was designed around artworks with more earthy tones. Leather, cowhides and sage green sit against pops of chartreuse. A retro print armchair acknowledges the Danish influence in the mid-century movement.
Metallic glints from the gold toned bar trolley add a touch of luxe and wood – this is so mid-century.
Romeo (the glorious German Shepherd) takes centre stage, doesn’t he perfectly blend in with the earthy tones??


Fun coral and mustard tones set against raspberry accents make this master bedroom happy while textural materials such as faux fur and antique mirror add sophistication and contrast.


Mid-century motifs are incorporated into a customized rug design. This 12m rug adds drama yet, injects vibrancy into a transitional  and very functional space.  Challenged by a low ceiling, clear acrylic pendant lights resolve that problem: they add interest and a pop of colour, without making the ceiling feel any lower.
The client has been delivered a home that is sophisticated yet playful and fresh, brimming with Mid-Century references.