WFH Reality – Home Office Designs to boost your mood and productivity too

With millions around the world working from home, we have assembled some timely tips to inspire your home office revamp. Beyond reiterating the importance of ergonomics, functionality and good lighting, it is important to carve out a space that boosts your mood and nourishes the mind.

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places! It’s your own working space—be inspired by your favourite painting and fill the room with positivity and enthusiasm. Let the colours brighten up your mood and help you reach your goals! There is no one size fits all solution. Everyone is different and personalising your space to lift your spirits will mean selecting a style that makes you feel good.

Check through our compilation of style to see ideas that may work for you.

Channel your inner CEO!

This masculine home office featuring dark wood furniture, luxurious Ralph Lauren wallpaper and a serene palette. Clean lines, masculine tones warmed by wooden texture and a subtle undercurrent of luxe.

Masculine Office Design Idea with Giorgetti Scriptor Writing Desk, Design Intervention

A Mid Century Vibe

Inject a Mad Men vibe to your office domain with sleek, mid-century modern décor. Surrounding yourself with memorabilia and trinkets that you love, has been proven to boost the spirit.

The wall cabinetry houses a valuable whisky collection, memorabilia and books, adding a personal touch to the space. The classic mid-century olive green walls mimic the lush vegetation outside and keeps the space invigorating and comforting. Metallic glints from the gold toned bar trolley add a touch of luxe. Truly a study fit for the Man-of-the-House. Design Intervention

Lady Boss at Home

The feminine entrepreneur of the house deserves a workspace to reflect her unique personality. For a sophisticated lady boss, this stunning curved desk is every bit as functional as it is luxurious. With leather table top, metal framework, built in charging docks and Led strips that casts a soft glow, this chic desk serves as a fashionable and functional workspace, overflowing with serene glamour. Read more about our award-winning project: Click Here. Design Intervention

A colourful abstract art can set the palette for a cheerful, energising office space that gets your creative juices flowing. Design Intervention

Co-shared Office Space

When both you and your partner work from the comfort of your own home it’s important to optimise the home office to accommodate each other’s needs. This stunning  home office offers plenty of space for two with separated desks, each designed with a convenient nook to ensure a bit of privacy, without distracting the other with their screen. Wall niches can house screen monitors so that desk tops can be kept uncluttered, per preference.

And with such a bright and airy home office as the vista outside, it won’t be hard to look your best during your Zoom or Skype videoconference call.

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Chinoiserie Chic Home Office, Design Intervention

Keen on maintaining cleanliness in your shared workspace area? Wall-mounted desks are your best choice. Easy to clean with plenty of leg room, and blinds to fend off any glare on your computers, this modern office is the perfect co-productive space.

And the blue painted walls, adorned with artwork provide a relaxing, soothing break from being stuck for too long in front of the monitor.

Modern Home Office Workspace for Two, Design Intervention

No view, no problem!

Sadly not all of us have the luxury of a great view. Luckily, there are a host of wallcoverings that will bring the outside in as well as whimsical designs that can make you smile and lift your moods. And let’s face it, we all need a bit of that right now.

Wallcovering Ideas for Home Offices, Design Intervention

Keep your spirits up amidst all the gloom. When the world is shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to stay positive and take care of one another. Little details such as an invigorating cup of tea or connecting via Zoom with your colleagues can help alleviate the stress. And while working from home has become the new norm, there’s comfort in knowing that we’re all in this TOGETHER.