Bathrooms to Soothe the Soul

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From Ancient Rome, to the Ottoman Empire (Turkish baths) through to modern day Japan, bathing has been a celebrated ritual and social occasion. Victorian attitudes and the invention of indoor plumbing created a paradigm shift in bathing habits. Privacy, convenience and hygiene were prioritised and lavish public baths were replaced by small, sterile functional spaces.

But, after 200 years, the concept of the bathing “room” is evolving once more. In the past couple of years, Design Intervention has witnessed a shift in what our clients expect from these spaces, with many of them allocating a significant portion of both floor space and budget to these private retreats.

Spa Bathrooms that promote wellness are an investment in self care.

Whether you enjoy a long soak, or a quick, refreshing shower – bathing can calm, soothe, revitalise, invigorate or relax us. Thinking way beyond function, bathrooms should be our private sanctuaries, where we cleanse not just our bodies but our minds as well. These are rooms for contemplating rituals, which can mentally steady us, perhaps even more so in these uncertain times. So we thought it was time to share some of our favourites with you!

Statement Tubs – put them on show!

A Bachelorette’s Glamorous Retreat

We love placing tubs in spaces that blur the lines between bathing, living, dressing and sleeping. And, we are seeing more and more homeowners challenging the idea that the ensuite should be hidden from view. The bathtub is usually the largest item in the bathroom. It is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable place to cleanse, relax and revitalise. It is often a favourite place to unwind, perhaps enjoy a glass of wine, or read a good book at the day’s end, or admire a beautiful view. If you consider the bathtub from this perspective – as a comforting and supportive item of furniture, then it becomes natural to ask.

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Does the bath need to be hidden away in the bathroom?

Increasing a sense of spaciousness or allowing more natural light into a room, are two compelling reasons to open the ensuite but if completely open is not your style, switchable glass walls, or curtains can provide that little extra privacy when needed. Grand Master Suites with a cohesive design throughout, merge sitting, sleeping and dressing rooms, will create the feeling of your own private oasis.

Design Intervention

The Great Outdoors

If you have a fondness for the outdoors, why not place the bath in a secluded courtyard as we did in this Singapore Semi-D.

Design Intervention

Or even on a balcony as we have done in this Orchard Road penthouse.

A Singapore Penthouse, An East meets West Home

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Dress it up!

There is something truly indulgent in the idea of creating a bathing space which feels like a sumptuous parlour. Try adding curtains, for an extra decadent feel. Choosing indoor outdoor fabrics will keep the experience stress free. Incorporating a beautiful rug, side tables, feature lighting or even hanging artwork on the walls will create a cosy atmosphere more like a private living room than a bathroom.

A London Apartment Renovation

Take a look at this award winning London Apartment.

Your Private Escape!

An Apartment Renovation for a Fashion Forward Couple
A Luxurious Penthouse Design, Bangkok

In our digital world, where we are constantly surrounded by technology a different sensory experience, can be a balm that soothe and restores. The right bathing experience can transport you to another world. At Design Intervention, we know the power the home has to improve our wellbeing. And a bathroom that encourages you to unwind and forget the trials of the day, will lower the metabolic rate and boost the immune system. Incorporating biophilic elements and cheerful colours or tactile elements can all help to mentally soothe and relax. Layered neutral palettes, and rich wood tones that soften hard stone finishes will create a timeless and tranquil atmosphere. 

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Plan for Storage

Cluttered spaces will not be relaxing. To keep toiletries in order, create a convenient place to store them.

A Luxurious Penthouse Design, Bangkok

Two’s Company

Award Winning Chinoiserie Home

Customising spaces for Husband and Wife and giving each their own specific storage, can be the starting point of marital bliss. Or create soothing spaces to enjoy together.

A Japanese Ski Chalet Renovation

Take a look more of this Hakuba Ski Chalet HERE.

Or why not surround yourself with colour?

A Tropical Maximalist Home

We all know colour can impact our mood, promote healing and promote wellbeing. Lately, colour seems to be making an appearance in bathrooms again. Find a colour you love and go for it!

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The Finishing Touch…

Think about bringing in a favourite scent,– whether that’s with flowers or a candle or your favourite essential oil in a diffuser – because fragrance has a powerful effect on behaviour and mood. Finally, follow the lead of most spas and add sound with built-in or portable speakers to enjoy your favourite soothing tunes.