Open Bar

Over the years, we have designed a wide range of  Home Bars, for all sorts of homes, lavish or discreet, big or small, indoor, poolside or on a balcony. We can’t quite make up our mind which we love best, So, grab a glass of your favourite tipple and join us on a tour of our favourite home bar projects.

Bottoms up! 🍷

Front and Centre!

Love to entertain at home? Then a statement Bar could be just what you need.

In this Orchard Road home, we crafted a table out of onyx. When lit up, it casts a gorgeous, moody glow throughout the room. Adding generous, comfy bar stools and ensures that this spot is definitely a place we would like to linger well into the small hours.


The “Now you see it, now you don’t”

 Then a bar tucked behind closed doors, speak easy style, may be the perfect solution. This home bar is compact too, handy when you are short on square footage. Behind the bespoke doors is a complete home bar including a chic service counter, a wine fridge and storage for glasses too.

Fun & Fab!

We love love love design that doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes you smile. We designed this home bar during the pandemic. Our client wanted a fun light-hearted space and this cheerful spot certainly hits the right note.

Not ready to commit to a bespoke built-in piece?

This sleek cabinet could be the solution. When closed, it blends right into the sophisticated living room. But when the clock strikes Wine o’clock, let those doors swing open and enjoy!

Going Green

Linking Indoors and Outdoors, this Bar set into the corner of a verandah, is a perfect spot to enjoy life in the tropics, surrounded by lush greenery. We clad the bar front in mirror so that it practically disappears so nothing distracts from the view.


The Wine Aficionado’s Bar

Here we have integrated a home cellar with a snazzy chill out zone to create the ultimate storage solution that is every bit as practical as it is appealing.

Go Gold or Go Home!

This seriously sexy bar goes all out with gold accents for full on glamour. We have utilized the space under the stairs for a dramatic home bar that includes an integrated bar fridge, ice machine, wine fridge.


Keeping it mobile

A drinks cart Mad Men style is compact and flexible. And the cool curves are so inviting.


Mirror it!

Easiest decor trick ever — hanging a mirror behind a tray. Makes it feel polished and put together, without having to put a lot of effort into it.

Lavish & Luxe

Modern, opulent and striking. This luxurious home bar is the centrepiece of the room.

I have combined a rich malachite stone counter, zebra stools, a gilt edged built in wine chiller, and  topped them all off with a glamorous chandelier to deliver the ultimate indulgent bar experience.

On Top of the world!

Make the most of the slimmest of balcony spaces with this compact set up. Pour yourself your favourite drink and while away hours just watching the clouds float by.