Dining Rooms that feed mind, body & soul

What makes a well-designed space?

In our increasingly busy lives centered around technology, it is easy to lose connection with each other as we scurry away in different directions, but the beauty of a dining room – unlike any other room in the house – is that its sole purpose is to gather people around to share a meal. It’s just family, friends, food, and conversation. Importantly, we gather around a dining table to share a meal on celebratory as well as sad occasions and create truly memorable moments.

These vital and divine spaces have the power to feed our souls – literally!

We fervently believe that interiors have a significant impact on our mental health. Our recent articles in the Business Times and other media publications are heavily focused on this topic because it has been scientifically proven that homes have the power to heal and to soothe and to make us feel amazing.


Check out our article in The Business Times: Harness the power of the home


Interior design is not just about accessing the physical design but more importantly, how to design a space from a human-centric point of view. As our psychological framework is a complex one, we approach our designs being mindful of:


The following images that we have designed have rated as OUR TOP 10 because they have achieved a perfect balance for our clients and display multi-sensory design at its best. So, let’s break them down to see why.




·      Hand painted silk wallpaper

·      Cut Velvets

·      Gold Leaf ceiling

·      A crystal Dining Table

·      Mouth blown glass

·      Decorative geometric screen









So, here is to renovating and designing your dream dining room. May these spaces feed your soul, enrich your life and bring you closer to those that you love. 


Happy Munching! 🍽