Animal Instincts

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of animal print. You just need to check out my profile picture to see my penchant for these patterns. I love to add a touch of animal to my wardrobe and I use it in many of my design projects too. It has always struck me as paradoxical how something so totally natural could look so utterly glamorous!

One of my favourite ways to use animal print is as a rug. I designed a leopard print rug a few years ago for a client that wanted to add a touch of luxe to an expansive walk-in closet and it certainly did just that. Since then, we have been using this rug pattern in several projects and it has become one of our most popular rug designs. So much so that we have decided to include it in our DIID signature series.


Doesn’t it look fabulous in this glamorous space? But it it can also look calm and understated as done in this colonial style study. The rug just adds enough pattern to keep the room interesting without over complicating the relaxed vibe of the room.


But have you ever considered mixing your animal patterns?


Check out how the tones in the rug warm the stark black and white combination. And when the sun streams in through the window, it almost feels like the rug is illuminating the room, casting a soft glow throughout the space–a perfect place for that breakfast coffee.

Doc - Mar 27 2015 10-31 AM