Embrace The Dark Side

You don’t have to be a star wars fan to embrace the dark side.

And that is exactly what we did for Paul and Shai’s penthouse makeover. When the architectural framework of a home is, sub-optimal, that’s when interior design really comes into its own. And with Paul and Shai’s penthouse, we were challenged by an architectural frame that needed some serious help.

Dining Room (before). Design Intervention image.
Dining Room (after). Design Intervention image.

For this penthouse makeover, the single most transformative decision was our choice of wall color. It was a gutsy move but one that set the backdrop for all the other elements. The old fashion adage, “black hides a multitude of sins,” applies to interiors just as it does to fashion. And our off-black walls disguises, misaligned beams and ageing plaster and channels the eye towards the key feature of this home- the magnificent views.

Living Room (before). Design Intervention image.
Living Room (after). Design Intervention Image.

Decorating with dark colours may seem intimidating but don’t underestimate the power of the dark side. Scroll below to see some dark side pictures from the Design Archives.

Powder Room at Design Intervention
Rockefeller Armchair (Signature Series Collection of Design Intervention)
Design Intervention image
Design Intervention image
Design Intervention image
Maximalist Modern Kitchen
Hakuba Ski Lodge Master Bedroom
Design Intervention image

Have you experimented with dark colors in your home? I would love to see your pics, so send them through.