Colour Matters

Color is the single biggest transformative tool that we have and luckily it is the easiest and cheapest to employ. A simple lick of paint can totally transform the look and mood of a room. The color of the walls (and ceiling) will set the tone for an entire space and effect everything from how you display your art to lighting. Design Intervention, is renowned for our love of color and we know that there is no wrong color: choose the color that inspires you. The trick is not the choice of color but the selection of the right tone. Within each color, there are a myriad of shades and these will allow you to pick the tone that works best with the natural light of the space and that will help you foster the mood that you are looking to create.

When selecting a colour, think about how much natural light the room receives throughout the day. Consider the other sources of lighting. Natural, fluorescent, and incandescent light can all change the look of a paint colour, which is why it’s important to see the colour in your home and assess how it changes throughout the day as the light.

Soft tones of purple give this sun filled home a fresh and cooling vibe.

Design Intervention

Chocolate brown walls casts a rich intimate mood in this bedroom.

Design Intervention

We have used brown again in this room. The deep richness of the colour provides for a truly elegant mood.

Design Intervention

The human eye can perceives more shades of green than any other colour in the spectrum.In this elegant dining room, this fresh shade has a cool crispness.

Design Intervention

In this family parlour, we drew our colour inspiration from the client’s own art. The coral hue fills the room with a happy, carefree vibe!

Warm grey walls are the perfect backdrop to display this clients collection of artworks.

Pink can be a neutral too. This soft subtle shade throws a gentle romantic cast throughout this room.

Design Intervention

Sometimes, nothing more than the crispness and purity of white is what is called for.

Design Intervention

And sometimes, black can be just as serene as white.

I love how everything just pops against a black background.

Design Intervention

Blue is reportedly the most popular colour for home decorating.



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