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Color is the single biggest transformative tool that we have and luckily it is the easiest and cheapest to employ. A simple lick of paint can totally transform the look and mood of a room. The color of the walls (and ceiling) will set the tone for an entire space and effect everything from how you display your art to lighting. Design Intervention, is renowned for our love of color and we know that there is no wrong color: choose the color that inspires you. The trick is not the choice of color but the selection of the right tone. Within each color, there are a myriad of shades and these will allow you to pick the tone that works best with the natural light of the space and that will help you foster the mood that you are looking to create.

When selecting a colour, think about how much natural light the room receives throughout the day. Consider the other sources of lighting. Natural, fluorescent, and incandescent light can all change the look of a paint colour, which is why it’s important to see the colour in your home and assess how it changes throughout the day as the light.

Soft tones of purple give this sun filled home a fresh and cooling vibe.

Design Intervention

Chocolate brown walls casts a rich intimate mood in this bedroom.

Design Intervention

We have used brown again in this room. The deep richness of the colour provides for a truly elegant mood.

Design Intervention

The human eye can perceives more shades of green than any other colour in the spectrum.In this elegant dining room, this fresh shade has a cool crispness.

Design Intervention

In this family parlour, we drew our colour inspiration from the client’s own art. The coral hue fills the room with a happy, carefree vibe!

Warm grey walls are the perfect backdrop to display this clients collection of artworks.

Pink can be a neutral too. This soft subtle shade throws a gentle romantic cast throughout this room.

Design Intervention

Sometimes, nothing more than the crispness and purity of white is what is called for.

Design Intervention

And sometimes, black can be just as serene as white.

I love how everything just pops against a black background.

Design Intervention

Blue is reportedly the most popular colour for home decorating.



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Throughout the ages, marble has been the material of choice for the world’s elite. From the Parthenon to the Taj Mahal and of course London’s Marble Arch, many of the world’s most impressive monuments have been forged from this ancient rock.

Traditionally associated with luxury and decadence, today marble is shaking off its classic and ostentatious mantle (excuse the pun) and is increasingly becoming a favourite amongst contemporary designers. Today, designers are combining marble and other stones like, onyx and granite with other natural materials such as wood, leather, copper and steel to make these traditional materials feel fresh and totally current.

Design Intervention

Design Intervention

In our modern copy and paste world, design lovers are finding a beauty in imperfections and an appreciation of the natural elements. Heavily veined stones that were once considered fussy and busy are now sought after for texture and vitality. Imperfections, once shunned are being embraced for their natural originality.

Design Intervention

Design Intervention

Today, marble, onyx and luxurious granites are no longer confined to kitchens, bathrooms. They are appearing in a multitude of guises for use in every room of the home from feature walls to accent furniture, accessories and even decorative lighting. As the penchant for clean, homogenous lines diminishes interior designers are creating homes full of colour, life and personality and richly patterned stones are becoming a staple design tool.


0cd5e81f3f0543de7a1ccb821a134fe4And the good news is that you will find that stone does not necessarily have to be ….  Well, set in stone! Some of the most beautifully marbelicious finishes are faux.


Design Intervention

Don’t you just love this delightfully decadent powder room-in rich green with metallic highlights. The wallpaper oozes an even greater sense of luxe than the real thing ….and far cheaper too!

Indeed faux stone-inspired finishes are invading every aspect of our lives, reminding us that it is our imperfections and idiosyncrasies that make us unique and give us character and this designer, for one believes this is something that should be celebrated.


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We may wonder at the creations of Michael Angelo, Picasso, or Monet, but for me, no human artist, no matter how talented, could ever compare to the creative genius that is Mother Nature. At Design Intervention, natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration…


Design Intervention

Today, I am excited to share with you all one of our latest projects: a penthouse in Orchard Road, The glorious sunset sky was the inspiration for the colour palette.


Design Intervention

Our colour choices are fresh and fun and exude a carefree cheerful vibe!

DI5_1087 Finalweb

Design Intervention

Which works equally well in the light of day.

DI5_1029 Finalweb

Design Intervention

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Every year, over 10,000 designers, architects, and hoteliers from all across the globe converge in Las Vegas in May to attend HD Expo, the world’s largest trade show for the Hospitality Industry. Design Intervention had been invited by one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor furniture to design a signature piece for their collection and we were launching this new product at the HD Expo. I was so excited: this was our first product launch at a major International show and I could not wait to show the world what our humble Singapore Studio could do!

This was my first visit to Las Vegas. Stepping out of the airport, was like walking onto a different planet, even the sky is different. Never before have I seen a sky so blue. It was virtually cobalt, and totally cloudless as if someone had photoshopped away the flaws and intensified the colour, to boot.

Have you ever seen such a blue sky?

Have you ever seen such a blue sky?

Las Vegas is Big with a capital B. Big, Bright, Brash and Bold and yes beautiful too. I have to admit, there is a beauty in the honesty: the city is unapologetically brazen, embracing the moniker “Sin City” with pride and aplomb. The city reminds me of a giant theme park (there is even a roller coaster snaking the strip). Hotels are themed like Disney land rides, Treasure Island, Excalibur, Luxor, the list goes on…


Even the candy bars are bigger in Vegas!


Remind you of Disney Land?


But this is a theme park on steroids and R rated! Trucks drive up and down the strip displaying billboards showing virtually naked women with the caption “these girls want to meet you” with a contact number below. Revelers wander the sidewalks, bottles of beer in hand (not one but two of course) or with liter flasks of cocktails… This is not a place for kids! There is no pretense at subtlety or sophistication, Las Vegas is an “in your face” assault on the senses: it is a place that you will never forget!

There are more bright lights than Piccadilly Circus, billboards abound and the air is thick with the sounds of sirens, horns and the deep growl of sports engines, everything is bigger, bolder and louder than anywhere else I have visited. As a designer, I can’t help but be mesmerized by this sensory overload that is the Las Vegas Strip: a 5 km stretch, one resort after another, each attempting to outdo the others with show stopping designs.

37015 Fiori Di Como, Dale Chihuly Flower Ceiling Sculpture and Chandelier, Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV IMG_9487-X2

From the giant Murano glass chandelier at the Bellagio to the floral Merry-go-Round at the Wynn resort, colors are brighter than a preschooler’s crayon box: there is no muted, understated elegance here: these interiors demand attention. At Aria a multitude of bicycles hang from the ceiling, painted in vibrant rainbow hues and then there is the giant pyramid full-scale Sphynx at the Luxor resort Hotel and painted ceilings that rival the Sistine chapel at the Venetian.

After a weekend of taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this extraordinary city, the opening day of HD Expo 2017 arrived. We were showing our creation alongside some of the biggest names in the Design industry, and I was thrilled to be there, not just to showcase our Pina Colada Chair but also to view the 900 plus trade booths, each displaying the latest trends and products.


Our Piña Colada Chair!


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Greenery is the official colour for 2017 but in this designer’s humble opinion, this wonderfully versatile hue should not be restricted to a single year. Green is the perfect solution for our hot humid Singapore weather. As a mix between yellow and blue, green is effectively a bridge between stimulating warm colours and calming cool colours. It is the most balanced of all the colours of the spectrum and what makes it so perfect for Singapore is how it balances the yellow in the spectrum of our equatorial light to create an ambiance that is always fresh, cutting through our hot humid environment like a warm knife through butter.

But what I love most about the verdant hue is its versatility. Over the years I have used this hue to create a multitude of different ambiances for a variety of rooms for different clients, each with their own brief and style. Styles and themes may vary but green always brings a fresh energy to a room, whether you are creating a calm, natural space or a room that resonates with a rich drama.

Sometimes, the slightest addition is all that is needed to elevate a room scheme. I love how just a hint of green in the loose throw cushions, draws the magnificent verdant vista into the room, linking inside and out and magnifying the sense of light and space.


Design Intervention

Perhaps, because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil colour, symbolizing the first shoots of spring, invoking the idea of rejuvenation and new beginnings. Of all the colours in the spectrum, green is the most restful to the eyes. It has been proven to improve reading ability and therefore makes a perfect colour choice for a study.


Design Intervention

But green does not always have to be restful. In this otherwise grey room, the bright green sofa brings an unexpected energy that revitalizes the entire room.


Design Intervention

And yes, green can add a sense of drama too, but always without the harshness that warmer colours can impart.

In this dramatic entrance hall, I have kept the backdrop monochrome, it is the green curtains that bring the energy and drama to this space.


Design Intervention

Or ready for a bolder step? Take the plunge and wrap the entire room in an envelope of vibrancy.


Design Intervention

Combining green with lashes of white and botanical prints is a favourite of mine. These rooms are always so fresh and crisp. These are light and airy space with a slight touch of romance.


Design Intervention

No matter what the ambiance that you are striving for, be it glamorous or tranquil, romantic or whimsical, this verdant hue always brings a crisp freshness, making this colour of the year a perfect match for the Singapore home.

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Mixing metal finishes used to be one of interior design’s biggest taboos but recently designers have been turning conventional wisdom on it’s head, combining gold, silver, copper, bronze and even black metal in both matte and shiny finishes within a single room, creating layered interiors that are fresh and dynamic with oodles of visual interest.


Lashes of polished steel balances the rich golds in this room ensuring an interior that is refined rather than overly glitzy. To be honest, I can’t think why it has taken us so long to realize the depth that mixing metal can add to a room. After all, if we can mix colours, patterns and textures, then why not metals?


Wall sconces in black metal, gilded sofa legs, chrome finish chair, matte gold standing lamps, mirror finish gold small side table. Whatever your home style, whether, you are designing a contemporary, tranquil, glamorous or yes, even traditional room –  metals bring a lightness that cannot be replaced by anything else.

3 SS

Metal is such a strong material, that it allows us to design fine, slim forms that would not be achievable in any other material. Slim furniture legs bring a lightness to our rooms and when polished to a mirrored finish, metal furniture take almost no visual space, sofas with metal legs seem to float bringing an airiness that and increased send of space.

One of my favourite design tricks is to form tables out of mirrored finish steel. Combining a metal frame with mirror or glass table tops means that it will almost disappear within the room making the room feel much bigger and allowing the other design elements to take centre stage.


When mixing metals, don’t be afraid to play with different textures. Just as we mix different fabric textures, feel free to play with different metal textures too. Combining matte, polished and hammered finishes will add a wonderfully tactile quality to your room.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.02.42 PM

Polished steel console base, sconces with brushed gold metal fascia and wall trim detail in matte black metal.


Cool metal tones like chrome, silver, nickel and steel bring a slick, modern aesthetic whilst warmer tones such as gold, rose gold, copper, bronze and brass are inviting, flattering and subtly glamorous.

2 GG

On its own, a room dominated by cold metals can look harsh, but an over abundance of warm metal tones can look too glitzy but a clever cocktail of the two can create the perfect balance of refined glamour.

14 Design Intervention

Remember that metallics aren’t only actual metals. Metallic tones can be found in just about anything you can think of artwork, trims, fabrics and even wall coverings and paint effects. Layer them, mixing, textures and finishes to create interiors that are refined and inviting and thoroughly current.


So take the plunge and show your mettle!


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The bedroom is the most personal space in the home. Here we are not designing to impress guests or please multiple family members. The bedroom is our own private sanctuary and so it is here that we can truly indulge our personal design style. When designing this private space think about how you want to feel and make your selections to build the desired mood. What is the ambiance that soothes you? Revitalized and rejuvenated, calmed and at peace, luxurious and decadent or romantic and sexy? There is no right or wrong, pick a theme that works best for you and then begin your room scheme.

Calm and Peaceful

In this home on the Island of Sentosa, we have created a feeling of serenity. Crisp whites and neutral hues are warmed with a subtle pattern and textural elements so that this room invokes welcoming warmth despite its crisp, streamlined backdrop.


Revitalized and Rejuvenated

Wake up with a smile in a room with a touch of zing pattern and colour abounds in a room that resonates with an infectious cheerfulness. DI5_5383

Sexy and Romantic

In the bedroom featured below, our client had asked for a sexy and romantic space. Sultry, smokey tones set an intimate mood, while metallic accents add an undercurrent of glamour. Plush velvets and rich furs add a tactile, sensual ambiance but it is the soft mood lighting that completes the look. Use multiple light sources for a layered lighting effect, putting them on dimmer switches for a totally romantic bedroom experience.DI5_3597

Or indulge yourself in total luxury. Create a totally decadent environment. Lustrous silks, plush furs, and bold patterns combine with intricate carvings and gold leaf details for the ultimate luxurious retreat. The modern, almost industrial chandelier is an unexpected addition that keeps the look fresh and modern.

31 Design Intervention

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Design Intervention has a reputation for a love of colour. And we certainly enjoy our forays into the bright and the bold, even our more serene designs are often infused with colour, be it in a more subdued or muted fashion. But from time to time, a project brief will call for totally neutral tones, and last week we completed one such project.

Natural Tones and Textural Delight

Design Intervention

This is a new restaurant/bar in the West of Singapore. The client asked for an American Mountain Resort theme, but reinterpreted in a fresh and contemporary manner and blended with a tropical vibe that would make it relevant to Singapore.

Natural Tones and Textural Delight

Design Intervention

Our inspiration for the design came from the name of the project itself. This venue is named The Singapore Wine Vault. The word “Vault” suggests an idea of an underground cellar. It invokes feelings of strength and permanence and that is the ambiance that we were striving to create. We have designed customized wall lights to give a unique signature to this entry hallway.

Natural Tones and Textural Delight

Design Intervention

Natural Tones and Textural Delight

Design Intervention

Dropping the ceiling to create a fake, squared archway between the entrance hall and the main dining room gives a sense of separation and allows us to give both areas a distinct identity.

Natural Tones and Textural Delight

Design Intervention

Instead of creating interest through contrasting colours, we have added depth and drama by varying the intensity and tone of the colour scheme. Shades of espresso, chestnut, and nutmeg sit effortlessly side by side, giving depth to the design without distracting from the views.

Natural Tones and Textural Delight

Design Intervention

We have embellished the natural elements with metallic highlights. They add a modern luxurious touch to the space.

Natural Tones and Textural Delight

Design Intervention


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For as far back as I can remember interiors have been dominated by hard lines, angular and boxy shapes. Windows, doors, walls, furniture legs, and even art canvases are all derivatives of square or rectangular forms. But, recently I have been developing a far more well rounded personality and softening my designs with organic, fluid shapes.

Many of us in Asia have known for some time that round dining tables promote conversation and interaction. But by adding soft organic shapes to a room we can also impart a far more welcoming feel to a room as well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.37.21 PM

Tired of linear forms? Curvy, organic shapes can add a sensual, sexy quality to a room that is so hot right now.


At Design Intervention, we are experimenting with circular forms for all elements of our rooms from carpets to ceiling designs and discovering a new warmth and freshness to our designs.

colour-confidence-i-11 (1)

Expand your social circle –a curved sofa is the ultimate party trick keeping guests gathered together in a conversation-promoting arrangement.


So forget about assembling a seating arrangement around a television. Encourage interaction and conversation with seating that brings you face to face with everyone.

Family gatherings will be so much more interactive if we were all seated like this. And, yes, space-saving too! Positioning a curved sofa in the corner of a room is a great way to utilise corner space and maximise seating without requiring additional length.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.39.17 AM

Wrap yourself in comfort with a curved sofa. There is something so welcoming in the lines of this lush sofa, like mama wrapping you in a big hug.

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This week, I am excited to share with you snaps of our most recently completed project. This is a far smaller project than ones we have shared with you in the past but certainly no less fun to do.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.44.01 PM

The client had purchased a brand new unit from a local developer and asked us to add a hefty dose of Design Intervention Pzzazz. The developer had finished this terrace home simply and with a neutral palette. Yet, the client had an adventurous spirit and a love of colour and pattern but in such a confined space, we were conscious of how easy it would be to overwhelm the space.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.45.32 PM

We began with the colour choice for the walls. Lavender is an unexpected colour choice for a living room but it succeeds beautifully here in invoking a cool, calming backdrop for the rich textiles and pattern. We added a darker lavender tone and mirrored wall moldings to add depth dimension and sparkle to the walls. Polished steel, mirror and metallic finishes amplify the sense of space. While the rich teal on the dining chairs and the oversized chandelier draws the eye to the back of the room, visually expanding the sense of space.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.44.49 PM

In this small space, graphic geometric prints and lines, sit comfortably alongside animal print and botanic pattern all grounded by the harmonious mix of greys, blues and lavender tones.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.45.10 PM

The result is a perfect blend of pattern and colour but in a calm manner that complements rather than overpowers the room. We have achieved the sense of exuberance and attention to detail that the client wanted yet still retaining a crisp tranquility.

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